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DECISION 2019: For the ReCord

Just because Cord Sandberg isn’t your traditional quarterback doesn’t mean he isn’t the man for the job.


The world is a crazy place going into 2019, but nothing is as crazy as Auburn football right now. String-pulling boosters, crazy coach rumors, and a win-or-burn-it-down mentality abound. What the outgoing quarterback, Mr. Stidham, accomplished for our Tigers is greatly appreciated. He took our team to great heights during his term, but even then, things weren’t perfect. In 2018, those flaws showed themselves, and now there are serious cracks in the foundation of the Auburn offense that need fixing.

We need to start over. In times like these, continuing along the obvious path and maintaining the status quo will lead to ruin. It would behoove the Auburn faithful to think critically in this trying time. Should we trudge forward with the upperclassman backup, who showed against even the most inferior of opponents that his decision making is still in question? No! What about the promising young giant of a quarterback who many would like to see chosen? Why, he couldn’t even get playing time in specialized packages in a stagnant offense. How do we expect him to lead us? And of course, the legacy child… he may be great some day, but can we afford to let him learn now?

Throw off these candidates. Cord Sandberg is the man for the job.

NCAA Football: Alabama State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Sandberg has all of the physical talents needed for the job. The size, the speed, the arm, they’re all there. And we don’t have to just trust the Auburn staff’s assessment on this; not only was Sandberg a highly rated 4* talent in high school, but at 18 years old, he was selected to play professional baseball as a centerfielder. Yes, this man has the experience you want leading your football team. He’s been a professional athlete, he knows what it takes.

Mind you, Cord Sandberg is not here just on a flyer. Professional baseball players have made good college quarterbacks before… Chris Weinke won a Heisman, and Brandon Weeden led a jaw-dropping offense at Oklahoma State before having a few seasons as an NFL starter. And of course, this season’s Heisman winner, the extraordinary Kyler Murray, will be playing professional baseball next season.

Look at that piece of hitting in the clutch, mate!

As Cord reacclimated with college football this past season, after nearly SIX years away from the sport, he was perfect when called upon in game action. Cord completed the only pass he was asked to throw for a 22-yard gain, and when asked to run, he gained 35 yards on just three carries. He was without a doubt the best quarterback statistically in the game he played. And for the record… this was less than three months after he was playing professional baseball, and barely a month after he stepped foot on the Auburn campus.

If our candidate were named the starter, what could we expect? Certainly, a dual threat quarterback. Listed at 6’3” and 215 lbs, his solid frame in combination with his sub 4.7 40-time should make him a nightmare to tackle. But he’s not going to be a run-first quarterback. In high school, as a three-year starter, Cord Sandberg threw for nearly 7,500 yards and 79 touchdowns to just 8 interceptions. In his senior year alone, he threw for 35 touchdowns and just one interception.

Let’s go to Will McLaughlin for a testimonial on Mr. Sandberg:

“Auburn fans want a dual-threat QB right? Well this guy was one incredible dual-threat QB during his high school days. I remember how highly touted Cord Sandberg was as a QB at Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida around 2011-2012. I was living in Tampa at the time and many local reporters drew comparisons to Tim Tebow when talking about Cord. He was committed to play QB at Mississippi State for Dan Mullen, and seeing the QBs that have gone through Mullen’s system over the years (Dak Prescott, Nick Fitzgerald, Tim Tebow... Cam Newton), you know he has an eye for the position. For what it’s worth, he’s a lefty, ala Brandon Cox and yours truly. Of all the candidates, the professional experience Sandberg has is second to none, and he would be a clear leader on this football team. I join with Ryan when I say think outside the box and vote #ForTheReCord.”

Thanks Will!

Cord Sandberg may not yet be the most popular candidate for QB 2019. But we’re counting on you, dear readers of College and Mag, to help us change the world*. #ForTheReCord

*Auburn Football is the world. You read C&M, so I think that’s a fair assumption.