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DECISION 2019: Bo Knows

Play time is over. It’s time to actually talk about Auburn’s 2019 starting quarterback.

Bo Nix Twitter:

Last week was entertaining. I laughed out loud time and time again as I read the futile attempts by my fellow contributors here at C&M to cobble together arguments on why their clearly inferior candidate was the choice for this prestigious position. I mean it was cute wasn’t it?

First, there was our fearless leader Jack and my Snap Judgements partner Drew attempting to convince you all that Malik Willis is the 2nd coming of Nick Marshall.

I don’t recall Mr. Marshall taking a safety against an FCS school. Do you?

Then, there was that 100 comment article by the infamous Ryan Sterritt and our resident basketball guru Will McLaughlin as they tried, in vain, to persuade you all that a man who sat out of football for six years was the next Tim Tebow.

I’m sure Cord has some outstanding investments tips for his young teammates but let’s shoot a little higher than “3* QB that once was committed to Mississippi State” please.

Finally, there was the always enjoyable Crow and the man with the best seat in Jordan-Hare Stadium Jonesy, hoping to stir up emotions by making you believe that Joey Gatewood will bring back the glory of Cam Newton.

Yes, let us trust our future in the hands of the one member of the 2018 class who did not see the field this past year and alternated series in high school with a kid now playing in Boise, ID why don’t we?

I have nothing against those 3 young gentlemen and wish for them successful careers. I’m sure, given the proper alignment of stars, each could find success as the signal caller for our beloved Auburn Tigers. But let’s all be real for a second. This “DECISION 2019” feature has been nothing more than good ole fashion #clickbait. Nothing gets the juices pumping on the internet like a good QB race and we here at College & Magnolia are no better than anyone else in our pursuit to cash in on it.

But the decision has already been made.

Auburn does not need a cheap knock off of a once great QB. They need the NEXT great QB.

Auburn needs a young man that understands how to win championships, not just play in the championship game.

Auburn needs a young man that can open up ALL the plays in the playbook, not just someone that can run fast or throw far.

Auburn needs a young man who has been raised to believe in Auburn and loves it.

You know it, I know it, they know it, everybody knows it. Who Auburn needs right now is....




@Elite11 -

No one in the history of high school football in the state of Alabama has thrown for as many yards or for as many touchdowns as Bo Nix.

No one.

Pinson Valley had 0 state titles before his arrival and now have two in their possession. He’s consistently stood out and won at recruiting competitions and camps since he started participating in them two years ago. Elite WR recruit after elite WR recruit have mentioned Nix as being one of the main reasons why they even considered Auburn. Probably the #1 reason freak WR George Pickens is still committed to the Tigers is because he knows Bo Nix is a beast.

I mean look at these numbers. LOOK AT THEM!

I can already hear what you are saying though. “Cmon Nerd, those are only high school numbers. We are talking about SEC football here. You can’t just come in as a true freshman QB and win.”

Oh really? Someone forgot to tell Jake Fromm, Tua Tagavoilajifohasofdia and Jalen Hurts that these past few years! This ain’t your grandpappy’s or Cord Sandberg’s SEC these days. True freshman QBs are no longer something to fear. Nationwide, freshman are stepping in at QB and making a difference.

If you can play, you can play. That’s just the truth. And Bo Nix can freaking play.

Ya’ll notice the utter lack of consistent pass protection? Ya’ll also notice how it didn’t prevent this young man from making plays? Ya he’s ready to play behind this offensive line.

This series has been fun and it was good to give these other gentlemen a chance in the spotlight but reality time is here. Decision 19 is a simple one. If you want any shot at winning anything of worth, then you better start Bo Nix.

End of discussion.

If my well reasoned but passionate defense of the talents of the great Bo Nix did not convince you then might I invite you into the fevered mind of Fort Payne’s finest?

Scene - We see a strange, bespectacled, middle-aged man preparing a meal in the Auburn Wellness Kitchen.

Bo Nix: I’m sure it’s delicious, I just don’t understand why I just can’t play quarterback now!

Strange Man: Patience! For the quarterback it is time eat as well! Eat. [laughs] Eat. Hot. Good food, hmm? Good, hmm?

Bo: How far away is the practice facility? Will it take us long to get there?

Strange Man: Not far. Facility not far. Soon you will be there. Root leaf, I cook. Why wish you become the Auburn quarterback?

Bo: Well, mostly because of my father, I guess.

Strange Man: Oh, father! Powerful quarterback was he. Powerful quarterback.

Bo: Oh, come on! How could you know my father? You don’t even know who I am. Oh, I don’t even know what I’m doing here! We’re wasting our time!

Strange Man: [sighs, looks upward] I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.

Chief: [voice emanates from nowhere] He will learn patience.

Strange Man: Much anger in him, like his father.

Chief: Was Cam Newton any different when you taught him?

Strange Man: He is not ready!

Chief: He has already been trained to this point by one of Auburn’s greats. Trust me coach, Bo Knows how to win. In 5 years as a starting quarterback Bo took a Scottsboro team that just flat out couldn’t win when he was barely a teenager and drug them up by the scruff of their neck with his own determination and will and got them to the playoffs before he could even drive a car. He led not just the lowly Scottsboro Wildcats but also the Pinson Valley Indians to AHSAA playoffs. That included a 3 year run between the two teams with only two losses, and two straight state championship titles to end his career. He did, however only manage to beat the mighty Fort Payne Wildcats once in three tries, and that was the worst Fort Payne team by a large margin in at least 15 years. Don’t hold that last part against him though, Gus. The kid is a winner. He’s been starting football games at quarterback since he was 13 years old, playing against guys twice his size. He can throw, he can run. He can play! He can lead! The football is strong with this one!

Bo: Gus?! I am ready! I--- Chief, I can be a quarterback! Chief tell him I’m read---[bangs his head on the low ceiling] Ow!

Gus: [to Bo] Ready are you? What know you of ready? For 30 years have I coached football. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be the starting quarterback. A quarterback must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one, a long time have I watch. All his life has he looked away to the future, the horizon. Never his mind on where he was [pokes Bo]. Hmm? What he was doing. [paces around] Adventure. Heh! Excitement. A quarterback craves not these things. [turns to Bo and points with his clipboard] You are reckless!

Chief: So was Nick Marshall, if you remember.

Gus: [still looking at Bo] He is too young. Yes, too young to be my starting quarterback.

Bo: But I’ve learned so much.

Gus: [looking toward the sky] Will he finish what he begins?

Chief: I believe he will. Bo will give us our best opportunity to win ball games now, and in the future. Will there be a learning curve? You bet there will be. Is Bo any more untested and unproven than the other 3 quarterbacks we have on campus? I do not believe he is. Give Bo a chance. He will win games. Like his father before him.

Bo: I won’t fail you! I’m not afraid.

Gus: [grimly] Yes... You will be. You will be.

Son of Crow