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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

Episode 29!

It’s that time of week again, everyone, and you can rest easy knowing that your Tuesday soundtrack will actually be curated by Son of Crow, AU Chief, and Ryan Sterritt as they discuss the finer points of EVERYTHING AUBURN on this week’s edition of The Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken!

First of all, Champ’s Chicken is delicious and filling and wondrous and comes complete with all of the sauces and sides that you could ever possibly enjoy. PLUS, there’s a giant beer fridge cave that contains any and all varieties of your favorite adult libations. Go check ‘em out on Opelika Road and see the newest and best entry into Auburn’s “Chicken Finger Town” catalogue.

As for the show today, Ryan forgot to do show notes, so he lets Crow and Chief get right off the rails as they talk about 90s wrasslin’, basketball fouls, and more, but the guys do look at the win over UAB, tomorrow’s game at NC State, and more!

War Eagle!