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Auburn Signs 4-Star Offensive Guard Keiondre Jones

The Tigers desperately need some OL help and Jones could be the man to provide it down the road.

Keiondre Jones’s Twitter:

It appeared early in 4* OG Keiondre Jones’s recruitment that Auburn wasn’t going to be a major factor. Former offensive line coach, Herb Hand, had apparently prioritized some other targets over Jones and the big man looked destined to land at somewhere like Florida or Clemson. But things changed when JB Grimes arrived. The veteran OL coach immediately made Jones a top priority and Auburn vaulted to the top of the list. On July 14th, he committed to the Tigers. Today, he signed.

Jones is listed at 6’4” 341 lbs though I believe he’s dropped his weight down more to the 330 area. Still, this dude is BIG. He’s a road grader up front who relies on his power to dominate opponents. Despite his girth, Jones has pretty good feet that allows him to move more fluidly than you might expect from a man his size. He’s also a finisher which I love. There’s an edge he plays with that you can’t coach and should serve him well at the next level.

The big concern is obviously his weight. He actually carries it pretty well but I suspect Jones will need a redshirt year to further reshape his body and get in SEC OL shape. He also plays a bit top heavy due to the fact he’s just so much stronger than the majority of his opponents. But he’s got some outstanding tools and I expect him to one day be a high level contributor for the Tigers in the interior.

War Eagle Keiondre!