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The 2018 CAMmies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners

Arkansas v Auburn
All About the Hardware
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Musical theme:

Announcer who sounds like Ric Smith: Ladies and gentleman, the first annual CAMmies!


Introducing your host, Son of Crow

(Thunderous applause)

Son Of Crow: Wow, what a crowd! There are literally dozens of readers here right now! Thank you so much. This has been such a great year on College and Mag. We started a podcast, we introduced a few new writers, and we banned a guy to much rejoicing. We even had a fight between two fan bases completely unaffiliated with our program. Sometimes the most disappointing seasons can produce the best content, like how diamonds are made under intense pressure, or how mad Kotov gets when the writers have fun with a QB competition.

But seriously, let’s get to the the winners. You the readers and commenters on this webpage have done an amazing job this season, and this award competition was just the latest example. Tons of votes were cast and a few clear winners emerged. It was obvious that y’all have some favorites at College and Mag and wanted to shout them out.

Announcer: The first category is MOMENT OF THE YEAR

Crow: Wow, what a category. It’s almost like I couldn’t come up with enough awards so I just needed something to say. Anyway, moment of the year wasn’t even a close race. What the Orange and True podcast dubbed “Dumb Jetgate” or “Ryan’s generation’s jetgate” wasn’t even nominated because it theoretically happened after the cutoff for the voting.

Announcer: The Winner is The Fire Gus/Don’t fire Gus Debates

Crow: Nothing get’s people going like a potential coaching search, I guess. Plus any opportunity to argue hypotheticals is a good one.

Announcer: The second category is Series of the Year

Crow: Ok, I am excited for this one because a few of my entries were nominated. I worked really hard this year to sling as much quality ‘tent for you folks and I really appreciate being nominated for such an award. From my roundtables to Orange and True to the time I put into Monday Musicals, I really appreciate y’all recognizing me with this...

Announcer: The Winner is Boom! Roasted by Drew McCracken

Crow: What the heck? Guy writes about baseball most of the year, throws some scores together on Mondays and then wins this? Screw this noise. Do you know how hard it is to write Les Mis parody songs or keep Chief from burning every bridge with every member of the Auburn media? Forget it, I guess I don’t know the audience.

Announcer: The final category is Commenter of the Year

Crow: With the way you dummies voted, it’s probably going to be MorningVent or that one guy from Arkansas who might be 16 years old from last season.

Announcer: The winner is Kotov Syndrome

Crow: That, well....that actually makes good sense. Kotov, you have won a free College and Mag koozy when we make them which we totally will at the beginning of the new year. They will be sweet and yours will be on the house. Thank you so much for commenting, all of you, seriously. It was a great year on the site, and I won’t be bitter that I didn’t win an award and freaking McCracken did. Thank you fo reading, thank you for voting, and thank you for making this the best Auburn site on the Web. Why would anyone pay for Auburn content anyway?