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College and Magnolia Bowl Pick ‘Em!

You think you’re smarter than us? Prove it.

Music City Bowl

First, a bit of news. I never got around to congratulating our winner of the The Official Unofficial (Unofficial Official?) College and Magnolia Survivor Pool, AubieNova! AubieNova was the only one of you pleebs to pick a winner in every week this season, making him the winner of a sweet College and Mag/Orange & Truther t-shirt. Congrats, AubieNova!

Now, on to other business. It’s bowl season, so it’s time for all of you to enter the College and Mag Bowl Pick ‘Em! Pick all 41 games, and whoever gets the most correct will be our winner. You know you need to make up for your pathetic performances in the Survivor Pool... unless you’re AubieNova. If you’re AubieNova, just continue to show why you’re smarter than everyone else.

Have at it!