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Chip Lindsey Gone

Offensive coordinators inquire within!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

After two seasons of some very good and very bad offensive production, it seems that Chip Lindsey will not return for a third year as offensive coordinator at Auburn.

It’s not a totally shocking development, as the offense completely stalled this season behind poor offensive line play, and a team that scored 37 points per game in SEC play last year had that production cut to just 22 points per game against conference teams.

the 2017 Auburn offense posted point totals of 51, 49, 44, 23, 52, 42, 40, and 26 points in the SEC regular season last year, but a near-complete overhaul of the offensive line and a new coach slowed the growth and hampered the offense this in 2018.

That’s not Chip Lindsey’s fault, but the offense as a whole was his responsibility, and it really struggled. There will be a loud clamoring for Hugh Freeze to step in for a rehabilitation stint as offensive coordinator under his friend Gus Malzahn, but we’ll see if the decision-makers at Auburn allow that move to happen.

With the rumors that Jarrett Stidham won’t be back next year, and the possibility of a Kelly Bryant-led offense, there are a number of different coordinators that would make things work. If what we heard about Gus essentially betting on himself in 2019 is true, then it’ll be very interesting to see who he might turn to as the next coordinator on the Plains.

If there’s a reason for the split, it may be that Lindsey found another job already.

On the plus side, our OC and our radio announcer won’t be confused for each other anymore.

More to come, War Eagle!