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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

It’s Orange and Truesday, y’all!

Guess what day it is!

It’s Orange and Truesday as we bring you the 27th episode of the Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken! As always, make sure to enjoy delicious Champ’s Chicken and a bevy of different sauces before, during, or after any Auburn sporting event. Since there’s a home basketball game this weekend, there’s no excuse not to fuel up with plenty of protein so that you can fill up Auburn Arena and cheer on the Tigers to victory against Dayton.

Today’s episode is long, and covers many topics. Auburn basketball’s sleepy week with a win over Saint Peter’s, a preview of this week’s games, the full rumor mill and discussion on the Auburn football coaching parade, and a soapbox segment where Chief gets to speak his mind. We also get a great personal anecdote from Fort Payne’s own ASMR producer.

Come for the fun, stay for the drama!

War Eagle!