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Bracketology Update - 3/2/18

One regular season game left to go, where do we stand?

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn’s got a chance to win the SEC tomorrow, if they get a victory over South Carolina OR a loss by Tennessee. It’s an unthinkable goal with that’s transpired over the course of the season (and even before the year began), and the Tigers are the story of the year in the conference.

Now, nationally, they’ve been getting respect as well. After the win over Kentucky, multiple bracketologists had Auburn as a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament. However, three straight road losses have put a bit of a damper on that dream, and when you couple it with the loss of Anfernee McLemore and the shooting woes lately from some of our most dependable players, Auburn’s been dropping down the list a bit.

Let’s check out where Auburn stands in terms of the NCAA Tournament seeding at the moment. Now, here’s Lundardi, who last released a bracket before the Tigers’ loss at Arkansas, so this is not fully up to date.

ESPN’s resident expert has Auburn in the West bracket as a 3-seed, opening play in Nashville against UNC-Greensboro. That’s a tough matchup for anyone, as the Spartans have had a good season overall, and if Auburn advanced to the next round, they’d likely get the very dangerous Rhode Island Rams. It’s a mid-major gauntlet if things go according to Lundardi’s plan.

Yesterday, Jerry Palm of CBS released a new bracket as March began, and he’s in agreement with Lunardi on the seed line for the Tigers.

Palm projects Auburn as a 3-seed in the South Region, where they’d match up with 14-seed Charleston to open the tournament in Dallas. With a win, Auburn would advance to the next round for a possible meeting with Houston out of the AAC.

And our own SB Nation’s got a look at the full bracket, along with a heck of a bubble watch, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check out the latest bracket, where Auburn is once again a 3-seed. Once again, the Tigers are projected as the 3-seed in the South, earning a date with Rider out of the MAAC to open play. With a win, it would be the 6-seed TCU looming in the next round.

All in all, we’re still in a very good position to hold a high seed, and a lot would have to happen for us not to play close to home. With a win tomorrow, and a regular season conference title, it’ll only boost the resume.

On to South Carolina. Get ready, Gamecocks. We’re coming for revenge! War Eagle!