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Mid-week Round Up - @ Georgia Tech

Rally starts late, can’t overcome deficit

#6 Auburn @ Georgia Tech

Tuesday: 6-4 L

There is a saying that if you go to the well too many times, at some point it will go dry. That is exactly what happened at Russ Chandler Stadium Tuesday night. Auburn had a very good night on the mound, giving up 1 run in the first, and except for a rough 4th inning, held the Jackets off the board. That 4th inning however was enough to tip the balance to the Rambling Wreck as they were able to hang a 5 spot on the board. The Auburn offense was the other side of the coin, only collecting 5 hits and and a total of 9 base runners through 7 innings. In the 8th however, Auburn was able to break onto the scoreboard with a Judd Ward 2 RBI single, followed by a Will Holland RBI single to cut the lead in half. The 9th saw Auburn get a couple of infield singles, aided by throwing errors by Tech which also led to a run scored by Brendan Venter and the Tigers chipped away 6-4. The Tigers had the go ahead run up, but a grounder to 3rd ended the threat and the game. I’m not going to read too much into this as midweek road games against a very good team is always going to be tough, but a 4th game in a row where the offense can’t get cranked up is a touch concerning, especially with Sean Hjelle waiting on Friday in Lexington. If Auburn can get even a little offensive production against Hjelle, it could be a really fun weekend for the Tigers. Auburn falls to 19-3 on the season, 2-1 in the SEC.

Around the League

#2 Florida vs Jacksonville, WED 10-3 W

Another solid win for the Gators avoiding the midweek misstep.

#4 Arkansas @ Charlotte, WED 6-3 L

Road losses in the midweek happen to some teams, but not this Arkansas team. This one is a huge surprise.

#5 Ole Miss vs New Orleans, TUE 9-4 W

Good win over a UNO team that has a couple of good wins on their resume already this season.

#8 Vanderbilt vs Belmont, WED 8-5 L

After a solid weekend in Starkville, the Dores took a quick MTA bus over to First Tennessee Park and dropped a surpriser to the Bears. This is the second game in a row they have dropped 2 in a row to Ohio Valley teams that are below .500 for the season and got their 7th win of the season by taking down Vandy.

#9 Kentucky @ Xavier, TUE 20-4 W/8

Well…they weren’t happy about what happened in Fayetteville…

#12 Texas A&M @ Rice, TUE 13-4 W

Nice bounce back win over an always tough Owl team.

#18 LSU vs Tulane, WED 10-4 W

Always good to not lose a mid-week game to an in-state rival.

Tennessee vs East Tennessee St, TUE 9-6 W

See above

Georgia @ Georgia State, TUE 12-2 W

See above above

Missouri vs Arkansas State, TUE 11-1 W, WED 14-9 W

Got their first win over LSU (a game, not a series) and a really nice 2 game sweep of the Red Wolves.

South Carolina vs The Citadel, TUE 4-3 L

Looks like we just aren’t going to know which Gamecock team we are going to get…the one that beat Florida last Saturday, or this one…

Mississippi State

  • vs Alcorn State, TUE 17-1 W
  • vs Texas Southern, WED 11-6 W

Nothing to see here, just 2 wins.

Alabama @ UAB, TUE 6-4 L

Could the shoe be falling off of Cinder-bama? They have been the darling of the college baseball world with their earlier success and it has been impressive, but dropping the home series to Georgia and now this loss to the Blazers makes this weekend’s series even that much more important.

Composite Top 25

1. Oregon State

2. Florida

3. Stanford

4. Arkansas

5. Ole Miss

6. Auburn

7. FSU

8. Vanderbilt

9. Kentucky

10. NC State

11. Texas Tech

12. Texas A&M

13. Clemson

14. UCLA

15. Louisville

16. Indiana

17. Southern Miss

18. LSU

19. Duke

20. East Carolina

21. TCU

22. UCF

23. UNLV

24. Sam Houston State

25. Stetson

On Deck (With SEC Weekend Series Schedule)

  • #5 Ole Miss @ #12 Texas A&M (THU-SAT)
  • #6 Auburn @ #9 Kentucky (FRI-SUN)
  • #4 Arkansas @ #2 Florida (FRI-SUN)
  • #19 LSU @ #8 Vanderbilt (FRI-SUN)
  • Alabama @ Tennessee (FRI-SUN)
  • Mississippi State @ Missouri (FRI-SUN)
  • South Carolina @ Georgia (FRI-SUN)

A lot of good games on the slate this weekend, as per usual. For Auburn, if you enjoy pitching then WOOOOHHH boy is Lexington your place to be this weekend, especially on Friday night. Casey Mize will look to see if he can continue his mastery of offenses against a very tough Bat Cat lineup while Sean Hjelle will take the mound for the Cats. Following the 3 game set this weekend, Auburn heads to Montgomery for the Capital City Classic to take on the Tide in a non-SEC game that will also mark the final non live video game for Auburn (at least that’s listed).