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Midweek Round-up - @ Samford

#24 Auburn @ Samford

  • Tuesday: 12-3 L

Whatever you are doing, stop it. If you are still wearing the same unwashed shirt you always do for an Auburn baseball game, stop it. If you have the same meal on Tuesday’s because it’s what you had last Tuesday, maybe try that new Mexican place down the road. We are officially in a Level 3 slump everyone. Since the first pitch of SEC play on March 16th, Auburn is 6-10 (4-8 in SEC games) and has lost 4 in a row with their lone victory from making it 6 against Alabama A&M who is 7-27 on the year. We’re not really going to look back at Tuesday night because…oooooofffaaahhhhh, and instead talk about the things Auburn can do to get back on track. The main thing, and most obvious, is at the plate. SEC weekend pitching may be the roughest in the nation; however Auburn was at their best when they were patient at the plate and forcing pitchers into walk situations or mistakes. I get that Friday’s that will be a bit of an issue but Saturday and Sunday it is doable. The other thing that needs to get fixed is in the field. Auburn is 12th in the SEC in fielding at .972 with 34 errors on the season. If the offense is going to be touch and go, those numbers have got to be higher for Auburn to have a chance. Another thing that stats won’t show is that when Auburn has a chance to score runs, they have got to score them, namely base running mistakes. I know that they sometimes happen every now and then but off the top of my head I can think of two examples just in SEC play. One time Auburn got away with it vs Texas A&M and the other, because of umpire laziness, cost Auburn a chance at a possible salvage win vs Arkansas. Pitching has been fine for the most has been up to the task, especially starting pitching. The bullpen needs a few more reliable arms but if the offense can only muster 2 or so runs a game then there is already no room for error. It starts at the plate for Auburn though, runs always cover up issues and while there aren’t a lot for this team they are ones that the offense has to help pick up the slack on and it needs to start right now if this team wants to think about the postseason.

Around the League

#1 Florida @ #10 FSU, TUE 6-3 W

I may not speak for everyone, but at least this happened…

Grambling @ #4 Arkansas, TUE 7-6 W

Seems like the Hogs midweek guys are a little bit weaker but they are pretty good 1-3…

#5 Ole Miss @ #16 Southern Miss, TUE 11-3 W

Well Ole Miss seemed to be a touch mad about what happened at the Dude last weekend…

#12 Kentucky @ Western Carolina, WED 7-5 W

A trip to Cullawee on your way to Athens is never a bad thing….the Cherokee Casinos are just around the corner and the Pancake House is a breakfast you won’t forget.

Western Kentucky @ #17 Vanderbilt, TUE 3-2 W

Good win for the Dores as they welcome in the Rebs.

#18 Georgia vs #7 Clemson (@ N. Augusta, SC) TUE 6-3 W

Fantastic win for Georgia after the near miss series win in Nashville. Shout out to N Augusta for the new minor league park and for a solid team name, The Green Jackets.

Texas @ #20 Texas A&M, TUE 6-5 W

At least we have this game on the diamond. Hopefully this will open up the door to a renewal of a great College Football rivalry.

Louisiana Tech @ #21 LSU, TUE 2-0 W

Instate wins always feel good in the midweek

Missouri @ #25 Missouri State, TUE 8-6 W

Very nice win after a rough weekend for the Tigers.

Tennessee vs UT-Martin, TUE 9-0 W, WED 15-1 W

Midweek sweep of an instater is even better!

South Carolina @ The Citadel, TUE 12-1 W

The Gamecocks avenge a loss from earlier this season in style.

UAB @ Alabama, TUE 12-3 W

Alabama does the same thing as they are now on cruise control since beating Kentucky

Mississippi State vs Alabama State (@ Riverwalk Stadium), WED 15-4 W

I prefer Kentucky’s road trip to Athens over this…

Composite Top 25

1. Florida

2. Stanford

3. NC State

4. Arkansas

5. Ole Miss

6. Texas Tech

7. Clemson

8. Oregon State

9. Duke

10. FSU

11. East Carolina

12. Kentucky

13. Indiana

14. UCLA

15. Oklahoma

16. Southern Miss

17. Vanderbilt

18. Georgia

19. North Carolina

20. Texas A&M

21. LSU

22. Coastal Carolina

23. Wichita State

24. Auburn

25. Missouri State

Regional Watch

Baseball America has their updated regional projection out and as you would think, a weekend sweep did not help Auburn’s outlook. BA has Auburn heading down to their summer retreat in Tallahassee…

1. (9) Florida State

2. Auburn

3. Stetson

4. Stony Brook

Definitely not ideal for Auburn but somehow it would still be doable. You could go Tanner Burns Friday vs Stetson, who has been ranked in the top 25 this year and then go Casey Mize Saturday vs FSU and try to roll the dice again for a winner take all with 1 in the pocket. That is, if, the offense travels to Tally with the rest of the team.

On Deck (With SEC Weekend Series Schedule)

  • South Carolina @ #4 Arkansas (THU-SAT)
  • Alabama @ #20 Texas A&M (THU-SAT)
  • Missouri @ #1 Florida (FRI-SUN)
  • #12 Kentucky @ #18 Georgia (FRI-SUN)
  • #5 Ole Miss @ #17 Vanderbilt (FRI-SUN)
  • Tennessee @ #21 LSU (FRI-SUN)
  • Mississippi State @ Auburn (FRI-SUN)

The main series to watch this weekend is once again happening in Athens as Kentucky visits the Dawgs. Georgia is coming off their first series loss in the conference on the season and Kentucky really doesn’t like to leave the Cliff. It will definitely be an interesting one to watch. Nashville will also see a good battle as Ole Miss invades West End. The Vandy Boys could really use a series win here but it will be rough against the Rebs. After that, you have to think Auburn and State is the series with the most intrigue. Auburn is looking for their first series win since Texas A&M and Casey Mize hits the bump against Conner Pilkington in what is sure to be a pitchers duel. Auburn HAS GOT TO take this series and break the slump. While it won’t fix all the problems, it would do wonders to just get some confidence back. Following this Auburn gets a home game vs UAB and then a trip to T-town vs the Tide.