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How to Watch and Listen - A-Day!

Spring football for the masses!

Auburn Athletics

A-Day is here! Auburn’s spring football game has long been a fun tradition during which fans can come and enjoy Jordan-Hare Stadium in a much more relaxed and stress-free manner than they would during the regular season, along with getting a look at some of the key pieces for the fall.

I remember going to A-Day as a little kid when Terry Bowden was coaching, and they did the old “2 points for a sack, 4 points for an interception, etc.” type of scoring that made every play exciting, even when the backups were in. They gave out those huge posters with the entire roster listed, but even that wouldn’t help when the 7th and 8th stringers entered the game in the final moments.

Today, the A-Day tradition continues, with some new twists.

First of all, the day will begin with a ten minute 7-on-7 period that will include Jarrett Stidham. Stidham won’t participate in the actual game portion of the event since having shoulder surgery recently. His work will end after the opening segment of the afternoon.

Furthermore, it’s been well-documented that the center position has had trouble keeping guys on the field. Nick Brahms suffered a leg injury and Kaleb Kim’s also battled injury, so the all-important signal-caller on the line will either be ping-pong champion Tucker Brown or 19th-century Savannah businessman Phelps Gambill.

We’ll see other guys in action at new positions, including Devan Barrett after his move to receiver, which may or may not be permanent. We’ll also get a look at Malik Willis and Joey Gatewood at quarterback in the scrimmage portion of the game, where the first-team offense will battle the second-team defense, and vice versa.

All in all, we may note get the answers at certain positions that we’re looking for, such as who will take the lead in the running back race, or how the offensive line will shape up, but it’s football. In April. Let’s go.

HOW TO WATCH AND LISTEN - A-Day - 3 pm CST - Auburn, AL

TV: SEC Network

Radio: Auburn Sports Network

Internet: WatchESPN