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Open Thread - A-Day!

What’s standing out to you in the most glorious of scrimmages?

After more than three Auburn football-less months, the Tigers will take the field publicly today for the annual A-Day Spring Game!

Now, this won’t be your normal A-Day affair, but many of the same bells and whistles will apply. First of all, Jarrett Stidham won’t play in the scrimmage portion of the afternoon, but he will participate in the 7-on-7 period that will precede the actual scrimmage. It’s probably good that we’re doing at least a little 7-on-7, since we’re down to our third string center on the offensive line.

Also, we’ll get to see how things have shaken out thus far in the race for the starting tailback spot. There are about four or five guys that could all end up getting the nod once the 2018 season opens, but we’re not sure at all who might take the reins and who might end up being the bulk carry guy once we get into the groove of the season.

Furthermore, we may get to see a pretty defensively dominated scrimmage — with injuries along the offensive line and the receiving corps, and with Stidham not playing in the scrimmage, the “starting” offense will be full of second string guys. We will get to witness Malik Willis and Joey Gatewood at quarterback, but Gatewood will be going against a defensive front seven that’s got little patience and an appetite for quarterbacks. With the orange jerseys on the QBs, expect a sack or two.

Either way, once we get to the fourth quarter, the walk-ons will take center stage, and everyone should be having a good time. Enjoy it, it’s A-Day! Our last bastion of football until the fall. War Eagle!