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A-Day Recap - Blue 18, Orange 10

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Defense-dominated day at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

A-Day has come and gone, and so we wait for the blistering hot dusty Alabama summer to come.

The “Blue” team beat the “Orange” team 18-10 today after a slow start on offense, but there were definitely certain things to be happy with, and certain things to ponder as we head into the true offseason.

Much of the scoring came on what seems like it’ll be Old Reliable, Pt. II — Anders Carlson — who went 4-4 on the day, including a chippy from 53 yards away. Other than that, the game’s two touchdowns were scored on by CJ Tolbert on a burst that followed a 79-yard explosion, and a 1-yard plunge late in the game.

Other than that, the offense was fairly lacking until late in the game when subs and backups were in at many positions. The highlight play of the day came on a deep sideline pass from Will Appleton to Marquis McClain, who bobbled the ball and gathered it on a tip as he went to the ground.

Malik Willis led the first team offense in the scrimmage portion of the event, and went just 8-20 for 45 yards, while Joey Gatewood completed just four passes on the day. CJ Tolbert led all ball carriers with 140 yards and a pair of touchdowns in winning the Offensive MVP of the game, while Boobee Whitlow nearly cracked the 100-yard mark with 98 yards on 14 carries.

As for the defense, they dominated, and Nick Coe scored the game’s first points on a safety, which was enough to earn him Defensive MVP honors. Auburn notched five tackles for loss in the first quarter alone, and the offense seemed completely stymied until after the half when things loosened up a bit.

This isn’t the final bit of spring practice -- there will be two more practices on Monday and Tuesday before the Tigers go into hibernation for the summer. We’re a little less than five months away from the opener in Atlanta against Washington. War Eagle!