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Tournament Round-up: vs Ole Miss

Dennis Victory

#17 Auburn vs #7 Ole Miss

Tuesday: 9-3 W

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?! You got everything in this game! Two pitcher dueling, one with a no hitter for about half of the game. Close, questionable calls that could go either way. And offense….sooooo much offense. Alright, so let’s unpack this one. Tanner Burns was fantastic, going 7 complete innings of 3 run baseball that could have been 1 if not for an error in the 3rd inning. Opposite Burns was Ryan Rolison who was somehow better, only going 6.1 innings but carrying a no hitter until the 6th when Josh Anthony got a base hit. After that however, things fell apart for Rolison in the 7th when Julien and Estes got back to back singles with 1 out. Ole Miss opted to go to Greer Holston who had been solid for the Rebs this season but not on this day in Hoover. A Luke Jarvis walk was followed by a Conor Davis double and the Tigers had tied it up. A passed ball allowed Jarvis to score and Auburn held a lead they would not give up. That leads us to the 9th with Auburn holding a 5-3 lead and Auburn looking for insurance with Calvin Coker set to go in the 9th. The hero from yesterday, Edouard Julien strolled to the plate with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Julien lifted a 2-2 pitch over the left field wall and it was routine from then on as Auburn took a 9-3 victory over Ole Miss.

The win is massive for Auburn, who is firmly in the NCAA tournament but was looking to jump in to the hosting discussion. That’s exactly what this win does for the Tigers, who were needing a signature win to bookend a solid conference record and to help build their record against RPI top 25 teams. I said yesterday I think Auburn was good in terms of hosting, now I am really pretty sure they are good as the Tigers assure themselves of at least playing till Friday in Hoover and have Casey Mize going for a chance to get to Semifinal Saturday. For Ole Miss, they are a top 8 national even with a loss tomorrow. As Western Division Champions, I would be downright shocked if they aren’t. So the team that could do the most with the win got it, now we will see if they can do even more.

Around Hoover

Texas A&M vs #4 Georgia, Game 5, 7-0 A&M

Welp, I said that I thought UGA would win but A&M could surprise me…aaaand they did. That’s a massive win for A&M and firmly puts them into the tournament. For Georgia, I think they, like Ole Miss, are a national seed no matter what happens but they are in better shape than Ole Miss is. We will see who wants it more tomorrow but these are two shockers to start off the day.

LSU vs #1 Florida, Game 7, 4-3 FLA
There we go, back to normal. Florida gets off their slide and all is right with the world. What is it about Hoover that reminds LSU who they are? Hilliard wasn’t who he was last Friday at Plainsman Park but was about to go 4.2 vs Florida and that’s not bad for a freshman. I think the win Tuesday got LSU into the field next week but they have another opportunity to get a clincher for all the other doubters. For Florida...this is all practice for the big tournament like it has been since early May.

South Carolina vs #6 Arkansas, Game 8, 13-8 ARK
No late game hangover for the Hogs as they score early and often to take the final game of the day. Now its a quick turn for Carolina as they play in the 1 pm time slot against LSU in what should be a fun game before Auburn and A&M.

Current Logo Bracket after Day 2

Throwback Logo Bracket after Day 2

On Deck

  • #4 Georgia vs #6 Ole Miss (Elimination Game), Game 9
  • LSU vs South Carolina (Elimination Game), Game 10
  • Texas A&M vs #17 Auburn, Game 11
  • #1 Florida vs #6 Arkansas, Game 12

Man I love this time of year, top 10 ballclubs, fighting to stay in the tournament and two teams hungry to prove they belong so far on the slate and then you get 2 rematches of series wins by Florida and South Carolina. Georgia and Ole Miss will start the day at 9:30, while later in the day Auburn and Texas A&M will first pitch around 4:30ish if the weather cooperates. Casey Mize looks like he will go for Auburn while Mitchell Kilkenny will toe the rubber for the Aggies. House money for both, lets see who can win the next hand.