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Countdown to Kickoff: 95 Days

Jordan-Hare Stadium ain’t a fun place to play for top ranked teams.


So I messed up... I incorrectly thought this play I am about to break down went 95 yards but after further study it appears it actually went 96 yards... By further study I mean I actually looked it up instead of guessing based off the YouTube video I watched but that’s beside the point. That obviously would have been a better play to talk about yesterday instead of a random drive against ULM... But for my sake, can we just pretend that it was actually a 95 yard return? Pretty please?

Cool thanks.

Auburn wasn’t supposed to be good in 1993. The Tigers were coming off back to back 5 win seasons and were under NCAA sanctions following the Eric Ramsey debacle. Pat Dye was gone, replaced by Terry Bowden who was best known for his last name. Auburn entered the season unranked, ineligible for post season play and banned from television.

So of course they went undefeated.

After starting the season 3-0, the Tigers entered the rankings and steadily began to climb. They were sitting at #19 and still undefeated when the 4th ranked, 5-0 Florida Gators lead by Steve Spurrier came to town. Auburn was a touchdown underdog at home against the SEC East defending champions.

Early on, it did not look like the Tigers would remain unbeaten, falling down 10-0 early in the first quarter. It looked like the Gators were about to take a commanding 17-0 lead late in the first quarter when Auburn’s Calvin Jackson made a big time play and changed the course of the game.

Man I love Jim Fyffe...

Jackson’s cough 95 cough yard return turned a game that what was headed towards a blowout into a football game. And oh what a football game it turned out to be. Auburn would take a 14-10 lead before falling behind 27-14 at half thanks to 17 unanswered points by the Gators. Auburn cut that lead to six heading into a wild 4th quarter. James Bostic put Auburn ahead on a gutsy 4 yard touchdown run that features one of my favorite Jim Fyffe calls (included in video below). Another huge interception for Auburn off Danny Wuerffel, this one by Chris Shelling, put the Tigers in great field position. Auburn would take full advantage, scoring on an end around to Frank Sanders.

Florida, however, did not go down without a fight. Wuerffel rebounded, leading the Gators on 7 play 81 yard touchdown drive that ended with a 13 yard TD pass to Willie Jackson and a 2 point conversion. All of a sudden the game was tied.

But this 1993 squad was special and would once again arise to the challenge. The Tigers drove 52 yards on 12 plays eating up a ton of clock and setting up a 42 yard field goal for Scott Etheridge. Florida tried to put together a game saving drive with little time left but it wouldn’t happen. Auburn pulled off the upset with a 38-35 victory in Jordan-Hare Stadium

I couldn’t find the full copy of the game online (that whole TV ban thing probably being why) but here’s a nice little cutup with some great calls by the legend Jim Fyffe. Enjoy...

95 days till kickoff! War Eagle!