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Countdown to Kickoff: 93 Days

For a brief moment, Chris Todd held the record for the longest pass in Auburn football history. -
Todd J. Van Emst

2009 was a fascinating year. I have very fond memories of that season yet the Tigers only went 8-5 and lost quite a few games they probably should have won. But after watching the wreckage that was Tony Franklin’s offense in 2008, the 2009 explosive attack was a breath of fresh air. Auburn fans got a taste of what was to come right out the gate against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the home opener.

Things were uncomfortably close early in the 3rd quarter. Auburn lead 13-10 at halftime thanks to a Wes Byrum field goal as time expired. Auburn’s first drive of the 2nd half resulted in a punt and the Bulldogs were on the move. Well they were until Craig Stevens blew up a slow developing play. To escape being sacked, La Tech’s QB Ross Jenkins just threw up a duck into triple coverage.

That would be true freshman Daren Bates with the interception. Just two plays later Auburn would strike big.

Facing a 3rd & 4, Gus Malzahn dialed up the ole “Pump n Go” play everybody ran with their buddies in the backyard as kids. Louisiana Tech’s DBs jump at the fake and Auburn’s Terrell Zachery finds himself wide open for the 93 yard score. This play would only stand for one season as Auburn’s longest offensive play from scrimmage but it’s still one of the first moments that jumps to mind when I think about the 2009 season.

Auburn would outscore La Tech 24-3 in the 2nd half to claim a 37-13 victory. I remember leaving Jordan-Hare thinking Auburn just might be fun to watch this season.

If you are feeling nostalgic here’s the full game replay.

94 days till kickoff! War Eagle!