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Countdown to Kickoff: 82 Days

Monty Adams and Justin Garrett snuff out a Louisville drive

Auburn v Louisville Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In truth, not many seasons have had a better starting sequence than 2015. After Louisville decided to let a true freshman throw a trick play into triple coverage, Auburn started deep in Cardinals territory. Five plays later it was 7-0.

Unfortunately, that was probably as good as things got in 2015. The offense struggled to find a rhythm for the remainder of the first half. However, the defense was playing very well behind a dominant defensive line. Carl Lawson was harassing Louisville quarterback Reggie Bonnafon constantly, and the linebackers were free to fly to the ball and make plays with Montavious Adams clogging the middle. With the score still 7-0 in the second quarter and Louisville making their first threatening drive of the game, Monty made a play.

This is the kind of play that 5-star players make. Adams lines up in the directly over the guard. Louisville is attempting to pull that guard as a lead blocker around the right side. The play-side tackle must get Adams out of the play, but Monty is much too quick, and the tackle is too far to even get a meaningful blcok. Adams nearly takes the handoff from Bonnafon himself. Cardinals running back Jeremy Smith barely has the ball in his hands when Adams pulls his arm and pops the ball loose. Fortunately for Auburn, the ball bounces under a pile, right where Justin Garrett can scoop it up and head 82 yards for 6. By the time Bonnafon realizes what has happened, Garrett is streaking towards the endzone with Tray Matthews as an escort.

You can watch the rest of the game here, but I really only recommend watching the first 6 plays from scrimmage, and the sequence from Garrett’s scoop-and-score until Auburn stretches the lead to 24-0. Remember that true freshman who threw into triple coverage on the game’s first play? He wound up being pretty decent, and in the second half you could see flashes of what was to come from him.