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Countdown to Kickoff - 78 Days

The only way this game could’ve gone better was if we had played Soulja Boy.

Eleven weeks from today, it’ll be the antsiest time of the year again... College Football Eve. Yes, today is 78 days from kickoff, which feels like short when you look at the number, but like eternity when you realize it’s only mid-June.

Today, we take a look back at a pre-Y2K world. In November of 1999 everyone was ready for catastrophe to strike. little did UGA fans know that the only disaster that would come to Athens would be a month and a half early in the form of 4-5 Auburn in Tommy Tubberville’s first game int the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Behind the arm of Ben Leard, Auburn jumped out to a 31-0 (!!!) halftime lead. Leard had four passing touchdowns in the first half, highlighted by a 59-yard pass to Ronney Daniels to open the second quarter. Wait... are you saying he had another long pass to Ronney Daniels? Yep, just minutes later in the second quarter, Leard hit Daniels AGAIN, this time for a 78 yard touchdown.

From here, the rout was officially on. Auburn would go on to win this game 38-21 in classic Tubber-Shell fashion, but this game certainly helped put him n the good graces of Auburn fans after a shaky first season on the Plains. Ronney Daniles would end up with 9 catches for 249 yards in a performance essentially unheard of for Auburn receivers.

Don’t think this is the last you’ll see of this game, either. Ronney Daniels will be sure of that.