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Countdown to Kickoff: 75 Days

Ryan Davis is a slippery dude.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday, Auburn landed a commitment from former Ole Miss pledge Jamond Gordon. Today, Auburn beat the Rebels out for Jaren Handy. So it matches up perfectly that today’s countdown features one of the many touchdowns Auburn scored in a 44-23 beatdown of Ole Miss this past October.

This touchdown is Gus Malzahn at his best. Misdirection leading to defenders getting out of position or chasing air while ball goes the other way. Malzahn calls this play “Boston” and is being run out of a modified version of Auburn’s “Trey” formation. Ryan Davis starts this play ducked behind the right guard before motioning to the boundary. This motion gives Stidham and the coaching staff a chance to possibly see what kind of defense Ole Miss is running. The Rebels appear to be in man (notice how the CB is facing towards Davis) and is playing off far enough that the Tigers don’t have to check out of the play.

Auburn runs Power, one of their staple plays, to the right side which sucks two of the linebackers towards the field. Stidham is coached to “get depth on a quick 1, 2 drop” and hit his wideout “on the up field #” which he does beautifully.

From there it’s all Ryan Davis and some outstanding blocking. Austin Golson gets just enough of the boundary CB to free Davis, while Casey Dunn does a great job getting down field and walling off the MLB. Davis cuts back and some great downfield blocks by Nate Craig-Myers and Will Hastings help Davis take this to the endzone for the big score.

Here’s the broadcast view and call.

Auburn scored 35 of their 44 points in the first half and pretty much went on cruise control to close this game out. When Auburn can run the ball effectively it opens everything else up in this offense. The Tigers ability to pound the ball with Kerryon Johnson is what sets this play up beautifully. It’s great effort and Ryan Davis being a boss that turns it into a touchdown.

75 days till kickoff! War Eagle!