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Countdown to Kickoff: 63 Days

That 2003 Iron Bowl 1st quarter was a lot of fun.

Alabama Crimson Tide v Auburn Tigers

Like George Costanza, we ain’t afraid to double dip.

Ya’ll might remember a few weeks ago we talked a bunch about the 2003 Iron Bowl. Carnell Williams took the opening snap to the house and sent Jordan-Hare into a frenzy. Not too long afterwards though Auburn struck again from distance.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this brilliant play design? It’s 3rd & 6, so the Tigers come out in what’s often called an “ace bunch” formation. Carnell Williams is in the backfield with Ronnie Brown, Cooper Wallace and Jeris McIntyre bunched to the top of the field. Ben Obamanu is isolated to the near side. Watch the routes at the top of the screen. McIntyre and Wallace both run to the sticks and turn around while Brown uses their routes as a rub to get open on the flat route. Meanwhile, Obomanu runs a quick slant at the bottom off screen.

What I love about this concept is it’s quick hitting and every single route is designed to get a first down. All Jason Campbell has to do is make the right read. My guess is pre snap he sees he’s got Obomanu isolated in press man coverage. Obomanu gets a great release and Campbell quickly hits him for the first down.

But Obomanu wasn’t settling for a measly 6 yards this day. The CB he whoops off the line over runs trying to recover while a nifty spin move along with a little nudge by Cooper Wallace leaves the safety grasping for air. All of a sudden there’s a ton of green grass for Obomanu and the foot race is on. As Alabama was quickly learning, they had no one with Obomanu’s speed. Touchdown Auburn!

63 days till kickoff! War Eagle!