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Countdown to Kickoff: 49 Days

Cam Newton’s Heisman moment.

There’s more to winning the Heisman trophy than just putting up absurd numbers. You gotta have a little flash, a little style. You need those plays that cement themselves forever into people’s minds. On October 23rd, 2010 Cam Newton did just that by slicing his way through the LSU defense.

This was a clash of titans eight years ago. LSU entered with one of the best defenses in the country, undefeated and looking to end Auburn’s fairytale season. The ESPN bombshell that would result in nothing but teeth gnashing and nothing of substance on the field had yet to drop so everyone still loved Cam. The big question was going to be whether or not Auburn’s prolific offense could keep things going against a salty John Chavis defense.

Turns out they could, to the tune of 440(!!!!) rushing yards and a 24-17 victory. 49 of those rushing yards came on a Cam Newton touchdown early in the 3rd quarter. Fun fact, October 23rd is my birthday and I was there in the stands eight years ago. I like to think this run was a little birthday gift to me.

I had to include both the CBS and the Auburn broadcast calls. I love just how stunned Verne and Gary are about what they just witnessed. Verne absolutely botches the call (shocker) but that somehow makes it better as nothing about this made any sense. A man this large should not be weaving his way through guys like this and he should DEFINITELY not be pulling away from Patrick Peterson in the open field like he did.

Strike a pose indeed Rod.

49 days till kickoff! War Eagle!