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Countdown to Kickoff: 35 Days

Down 12 and your starting QB goes down facing a 4th & long sure doesn’t seem like the recipe for success...


I’m on vacation in Charleston, SC stuffing my face so this article is gonna be short and sweet.

Things weren’t going well for the Tigers in the 1993 Iron Bowl. Auburn was looking to finish the season undefeated but were off to a rocky start vs the Tide. Down 14-5, Auburn’s starting QB Stan White went down with a knee injury. Patrick Nix entered the game facing a 4th & 15 so he did what any smart QB should do in 1993, he threw it up to Frank Sanders.

Bama might have still lead at the time but this touchdown changed the course of the game and eventually the Tigers would take home the victory and finish Terry Bowden’s first season as Auburn’s head coach without a blemish on the record.

35 days till kickoff! War Eagle!