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Countdown to Kickoff: 60 Days

(Sorry, I know its the same photo, but who doesn’t love that old black and white photo of Auburn fans excited in Tallahassee)

When we last left the 1984 Auburn – Florida State game, Collis Campbell had just taken it 69 yards to the house to give Auburn a 16-10 lead (I forgot that Auburn missed the extra point after the Campbell TD) midway through the 2nd quarter. Florida State attempted what would become known as the Music City Miracle play on the kickoff (sideline to sideline pass to avoid the defense) and got the ball out to around the 50, but was called for an illegal forward pass and was pushed back inside their 10 yard line. After a quick 3 and out by the Auburn defense, the Auburn offense began a march to the FSU endzone, capped by a Brent Fullwood TD and Auburn took a 22-10 lead. The Tigers left a bit too much time on the clock before the half and the Noles hit a huge 73 yard touchdown pass to cut the Auburn lead to 22-17. Auburn could muster no offense on the ensuing drive and FSU began to work down the field again before the defense bowed up and forced a 56 yard field goal the was blocked. That took the game to the half with Auburn holding a 22-17 lead and an amazing first half. The second half could keep up at this rate could it?

Let’s throw it back to Jim Fyffe and Pat Sullivan for the start of the 2nd half, and our countdown play of the day!

Eddie Graham racing 60 yards for the score to put Auburn up 29-17 is our play of the day and with that, we will pause there once again as there is much more to come from this classic! War Eagle to one and all!