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Countdown to Kickoff: 57 Days

Deja vu all over again!

This picture is grainy because Georgia has tried to erase all evidence of this game happening off the face of the Internet.

The Countdown to Kickoff continues today, 57 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF OF AUBURN AND WASHINGTON IN ATLANTA, and you’re going to get to watch some of the same stuff we had just a couple days ago. Ronney Daniels had too many highlights against Georgia in 1999 to only dedicate one entry to the list.


Let’s just say it. When you tongue-tie Jim Fyffe, you’re doing it right. Ronney Daniels had touchdown grabs of 59 and 78 yards (ending in a goal post slam dunk) against Georgia in 1999, but his most impressive catch of the day may have come on the 57-yard scamper where it seems like every member of the Georgia defense had to help bring him down just shy of the goal line.

Video evidence below:

That was what Ben Leard basically did in all night in Athens — just causally float one up for Daniels — and it worked like a charm time and again. It was backyard football at its best. Throw it to the big kid and let him get it.

On this particular play, Georgia had no less than eight chances to tackle ole Ronney before they finally brought him down after 57 rough ‘n’ rumblin’ yards, with some of those chances being guys coming back for another try and failing again. Jim Fyffe said he was “draggling tackers” which may be an accurate term for the sort of new dominance that we saw from the offensive star in 1999.

Stay tuned for the weekend’s entries on the Countdown. We’ve got a double day coming on Sunday, featuring two of the great running backs of the modern era. War Eagle!