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Bo Nix to Enroll Early

Auburn continues to get good QB news as legacy Bo Nix makes it official

Bo Nix, a 4* (and potentially 5*) quarterback in the 2019 class, has decided to enroll early. Nix will enroll in January and will be eligible to go through spring practice with the team.

Check out AU Nerd’s perspective on Nix here. Bo is the son of former Auburn quarterback Patrick Nix, and the father coached the son at Pinson Valley High School this past year.

Nix’s decision to enroll early will help him in his quest to be Auburn’s starting QB in 2019. Though it would shock everyone if Gus went with a true freshman, Nix might be the most all-around complete quarterback Auburn has recruited out of high school since Jason Campbell. Nix will be going against JR Malik Willis, likely RS Fr Joey Gatewood, and likely RS Fr Cord Sandberg in 2019 for the starting job, with all 4 guys getting spring AND fall practice to compete.

The message boards will be a wild, wild place in 2019.