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Countdown to Kickoff: 20 Days

Fact - Daniel Carlson and Cam Newton are really good at football.

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Just think about it. Three weeks from now I will be rewatching Auburn’s 63-0 beatdown of Washington as I work on a Pulitzer worthy post showing just how badly the Huskies got worked. At least that’s what I’m planning on doing....

But before that inevitable result we must countdown 20 more days. Today’s post is another one of our classic two for one deals featuring three of the most beloved Auburn players in recent history.

First up, Mr. Daniel Carlson.

If you didn’t see, #Legatron made his NFL debut Saturday night for the Minnesota Vikings. It was quite impressive as Carlson connected on all four extra point attempts and added two field goals as well. One of those attempts going for 57 yards.

Nothing like a career high to say “hello” to your new fanbase. Also check out who helped force this long field goal in the first place just a few seconds earlier in the video....

If Minnesota is smart though they will let the Colorado native flash his plus, plus speed (to borrow baseball terminology) and take one to the house instead of settling for 3 points. Like he did for the Tigers back in 2016 in a beatdown of the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Get this man the football

Our second special of the day comes from a season that has been featured prominently on this countdown and will continue to be so over the final weeks: Auburn’s 2010 national championship season. There were a lot of wonderful moments from that year but probably one of my top five favorite plays came when Auburn traveled to Oxford, MS in late October.

The Tigers were 8-0 facing a struggling 3-4 Rebel squad. But like most games that season, Auburn started from behind after Jeff Scott took it the house 83 yards on the 2nd play of the game. Auburn responded immediately, putting together a 6 play 71 yard drive that concluded with Cam Newton just doing Cam Newton things.

Former Auburn QB turned Auburn WR now Auburn WR coach & co-offensive coordinator, Kodi Burns, threw a perfect jump ball pass to Newton. Being 6’5” 245 lbs and possessing absolutely stupid athleticism, Cam obviously went up and over the DB to haul in the TD. I think we all felt as that security guard did in the background.

God bless you Cam Newton

20 days till kickoff! War Eagle!