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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Orange and True Presented by Champ’s Chicken

The crew goes through Auburn’s football schedule and more!

“I’m just thinkin’ about that chicken and that podcast...”
Kevin C. Cox — Getty Images

ALERT! ALERT! Start your Thursday off with an hour-plus of Son of Crow, Ryan Sterritt, and AU Chief talking through fall (summer) camp, the Auburn schedule, the beginning of soccer season, and much more! It’s the Orange and True Podcast presented by Champ’s Chicken!

For the best chicken and best combo meal puns, check them out!

Scott and Alison Armstrong are doing their part to get you ready for tailgating with chicken, snacks, a gigantic craft beer selection, and the TAILGATE SAUCE. Pay them a visit at Champ’s Chicken and Beeline Foods on Opelika Road.

War Eagle!