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Opponent Q&A - Washington Huskies, Pt. II

What doesn’t kill you makes you... stranger.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Two days ago, we asked the pressing questions to our friends over at UW Dawg Pound, and John Sayler got us some really insightful stuff as we get ready for kickoff between Auburn and Washington. We’re now just two days from kickoff, and it’s time to dive a little deeper into the way that Washington fans tick.

How cool is it to tailgate from a boat?

Really cool. Until your sea-sick friend has one too many IPAs.

What’s dumber, a Duck or an Elephant, and why is the answer both? Basically, are Oregon fans like Bama fans?

Here’s how I see Oregon fans: They are like that guy from high school that you never really noticed or cared about, then all the sudden he has a really hot girlfriend. You are like “How the hell did this guy get her?” He proceeds to rub it in your face for a while, until finally she dumps him. A couple years later he supposedly has another hot girl that he might be dating, but by then you don’t care because your girlfriend is way hotter.

Were you pulling for us or for Oregon in the BCS Championship Game?

I pretended to root for Oregon, but really I was glad when Auburn won.

Wazzu drank Auburn dry when they came to town. Will Atlanta be ready for what the Huskies can bring?

No one drinks like a Coug.

Why won’t UW let Mike Leach sail the Black Pearl up to your stadium and unload at the docks?

Because they want to make sure he gets to the stadium to coach his team. They send a limo.

Prove that Vita Vea isn’t Maui from Moana.

Had to look this reference up. Well played.

Griffey or Ichiro?

The Kid, and it’s not even close.


Hope that helped you understand the Huskies a little more. Two days to kick — War Eagle!