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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Washington

Are we confident? Read below.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Alrighty, everyone! Tomorrow is Auburn and Washington from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Surely you’re not nervous or anxious about the outcome of this game, because we’re all about to tell you how it’s going to go below.

DISCLAIMER: Ryan Sterritt, Son of Crow, and AU Chief may not give you the same predictions here as they did on the podcast yesterday, but alas.


“I’ve said all summer I have absolutely no read on this game. Either team could blow the other out. It could be a defensive struggle where one team wins 20-14. It could be a shootout where somebody wins 45-40. There are legitimate cases for anything here, so I may as well BARN HARD AND SAY AUBURN WINS 38-20.

Stidham throws for 300 yards and the defense has at least one big turnover. Browning is a nuisance but his final rushing total is something along the lines of 12 for 30 yards, because sacks.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Auburn’s front 7 on both sides of the ball will prove too much, but this is a very close one.” - Drew McCracken

I’m with Ryan, I have no idea how this is going to go but there’s a few factors that have me nervous for this one. For starters, we’ve got to break that Mercedes-Benz hex that derailed our season last year. In addition, the last time Auburn beat a ranked opponent in their season opener? 1957. And the other thing? Chris Peterson’s an incredible coach and he’s had months to get ready for this one. What does he have in his bag of tricks this time? (Remember that Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl a decade back).

Having said that, I feel like there’s more pressure on Washington than Auburn because if they don’t win this game, their hopes of going to the Playoff (and the Pac-12’s) are more than likely dashed. If Stidham can successfully use the short passing game that worked well against Georgia and Alabama last season, I like our chances. My gut feeling says that one of the freshmen WRs is going to have a breakout game. On defense, can our Front 7 slow down the elusiveness that is Jake Browning. (I feel like I’m going to be hollering “Get Em” a lot on Saturday). Containing Myles Gaskin will be also be an extremely important factor. Auburn will definitely have the crowd advantage and we better bring it Saturday. I have zero confidence in this prediction but I do think the first to 20 wins this game. 20-17.... Auburn.” - Will McLaughlin

This will be a tight one. Washington is well-coached and will be well prepared. Their defense is aggressive and could cause a lot of problems. I just think our defense will make a few more plays. Low-scoring game and the defense makes a stop to win it: Auburn 23-17” - James Jones

I think Auburn wins, and I think it does so because of defense. I think the defensive line wears the Washington offensive line and QB out by the third quarter and that’s when Auburn pulls away. I’m a little worried about Husky trick plays, but I also think Gus is going to pull some crazy stuff himself that might make this a crazy fun game.” - Son of Crow

For much of the summer, I had this marked down as a Washington win. Gus coached teams just haven’t earned my trust on the road vs talented opponents. But as we get closer to the kickoff, my feelings are changing. Sure a lot of it is probably my homerish nature taking hold once again but some of it has to do with finally having really studied the Huskies. I think Auburn’s DL can control this game. I also think with JB back Auburn’s OL will be better out the gates than the last two seasons. It’s gonna be a stressful, close game but in the end I think AU pulls it out. Auburn 27 Washington 20

Oh and bold prediction. AU scores a special teams TD that proves the difference” - AU Nerd

“I think Auburn wins this much more easily than many people think. My nervousness level is pretty low, and I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to Auburn opening up against big opponents. Auburn’s front seven earned my trust last season, and since there hasn’t been a whole lot of change on that front, I’m placing all my trust in them for this game, and for this season. I’m hoping the retooled offensive line will come out firing on all cylinders, rather than taking several weeks and some shifting to get things figured out. If that happens, I don’t see this being all that close of a match-up. Famous last words and all that. Stidham will have his work cut out for him against this secondary, so we really need Martin and Whitlow to hit the ground running, no pun intended. Auburn 24-13.” - AU Chief

“I’ll be honest, Gus’ slow starts have not given me confidence in this one. I have a nagging feeling that Auburn’s going to lose. Then I think about our front seven on defense and how many problems that caused for powerful teams last year. When we were fully healthy we ate Georgia and Alabama alive, and I think at our peak we were the best team in the country last season.

Forget the SEC Championship and forget the Peach Bowl. With the injuries that accumulated in both of those, and the somewhat meaningless nature of the bowl game, I fully understand how those two losses happened. Now, it’s different. We’re back in Atlanta for the third straight game, and this Tiger team knows what it tastes like to almost get there.

I remember how it felt with the UCF fans in attendance at the Benz. They definitely wanted it more. They were louder, had something to play for, and earned that win. Now everyone’s 0-0, and we’ve all got the hopes of a national championship on the horizon. of course, the road is long, but we know we’ll look back in November and wonder where the time went.

Jarrett Stidham comes out tomorrow and looks like straight fire — causing him to jump up near the top of the Heisman and draft board rankings, while the defense pulls out a true mob mentality and makes big play after big play. We’re going to see some new names on offense gaining yards and scoring touchdowns, and I think we’ll like how it works. Hey, I’m not a true sunshine pumper, so I’m not predicting a blowout by any means, but I am predicting an Auburn win.

We will falter in the red zone because we won’t have found a running back that has rhythm quite yet, and settling for field goals will keep it close. A late touchdown by Washington makes our butts clench a bit late, but Auburn controls this game on defense and wins 26-21.” - Jack Condon