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2020 Defensive Lineman Andy Boykin Reopens His Recruitment

He was Auburn’s first commitment of the 2020 class, now he’s Auburn’s first decommitment.

Andy Boykin’s Twitter:

Nothing like a decommitment the eve before the season opener to get everybody excited right?

This morning on Twitter, 2020 4* DL Any Boykin announced his decommitment from the Tigers (I think via screenshot of a word document??)

Truthfully, this one has been coming for awhile. Boykin was Auburn’s first 2020 commitment last November. A big reason why was his relationship with Rodney Garner. Boykin was on campus pretty much ever weekend last season as well.

So what changed?

Well since his commitment, Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs have turned the heat up in their recruitment of the blue chip prospect. He took multiple visits to Athens this past spring and summer. It appears that attention and visits paid off for the Dawgs. For now, they appear to be in the driver’s seat even though this one is far from over.

I fully expect Auburn to remain a top contender and wouldn’t be stunned if he ended up back with the Tigers at some point. Considering he just started his junior year in high school, there is a very long way to his signing day. Probably better to just go ahead and reopen things up if you really aren’t sure yet. He will undoubtedly be on Auburn’s campus again this fall.

I want to go ahead and warn you that there will likely be another decommitment, this one from the 2019 class. Both AuburnUndercover’s Keith Niebuhr and AuburnSports Ben Wolk have hinted that it’s coming. It won’t be a huge blow to Auburn’s class though I think the young man has plenty of talent.

The world of recruiting has plenty of highs and lows. I expect there will continue to be more highs than lows this fall for the Tigers.

War Eagle!