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Countdown to Kickoff: 28 Days

It’s always nice to see sad Spurrier when you’re getting close to kickoff!

Remember when Steve Spurrier and Florida were the top dogs in the SEC year after year?

Terry Bowden sure didn’t seem to have any trouble beating them early on in his career. Two of Auburn’s greatest victories from the 1990s came over Florida — Scott Etheridge’s game-winning field goal in 1993 gave the Tigers a 38-35 win, and the next year it was Pat Nix and Frank Sanders stealing the show in the final minute.

However, Frank Sanders didn’t just come alive on the final drive for Auburn. He had five catches for 65 yards and that final score against the Gators, but he added some fun on the ground as well... a 28-yard reverse around the right end that fooled Florida completely.

Need to see it again? Here it is with Jim Fyffe’s Call

That was one of Sanders’ two scores on the day, and it helped Auburn defeat a #1 team for the first time since 1942, when the Tigers beat top-ranked Georgia. This was win number eighteen in a row to begin Bowden’s career, and Auburn would get to 9-0 before a tie against Georgia, and a still-in-dispute loss to Alabama.

28 days to kickoff — FOUR WEEKS EXACTLY — War Eagle!