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Countdown to Kickoff: 27 Days

We take a different approach today in dredging up the past!

Sometimes the numbers just won’t work, and today is a day that we had to find something other than a play spanning the number of yards equivalent to the days until kickoff.

Instead, as we roll under four weeks until Auburn vs Washington, we’re going to highlight an opponent’s effort that came up a little short.

So, without further ado, it’s 27 days to kickoff, and 27 points for Alabama in the 2010 Iron Bowl, which just wasn’t quite enough to knock off 2nd-ranked Auburn.

It was about the best possible start for Alabama as Auburn came in at 11-0 with a near sure-fire Heisman winner in Cam Newton leading the offense, as the Tide scored touchdowns on its first three drives, and added a field goal to take a 24-0 lead. They would add another Jeremy Shelley field goal late in the third quarter for their 27th and final point of the afternoon.

Should’ve been enough, right? In what world could a Nick Saban and Kirby Smart defense, chock full of talent, defending a national championship, at home, lose a 24-0 lead?

In Cam Newton’s world.

27 days to kickoff, 27 (not quite enough) points for Alabama in the 2010 Iron Bowl.


War Eagle!