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Countdown to Kickoff: 26 Days

Never a bad excuse to watch these highlights!

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports

26 days until kickoff and we’re going to send you to bed on this Monday evening with some of the top highlights over the past couple of seasons.

Auburn vs Washington in 26 days, and the Tigers scored 26 points against Alabama in a twelve-point victory over the top-ranked team in the country.

Here’s how the scoring broke out:

4:38 1st Quarter — Kerryon Johnson 3-yard touchdown pass to Nate Craig-Myers (7-0 Auburn)

0:00 2nd Quarter — Daniel Carlson 33-yard field goal (10-7 Auburn)

10:12 3rd Quarter — Daniel Carlson 44-yard field goal (13-14 Auburn)

3:02 3rd Quarter — Kerryon Johnson 1-yard touchdown run (20-14 Auburn)

13:30 4th Quarter — Jarrett Stidham 16-yard touchdown run (26-14 Auburn)

Watch and enjoy!

It should’ve been worse, too. Jarrett Stidham fumbled deep in Alabama territory as Auburn was going in late in the first quarter to take what would’ve been a 14-0 lead, and then Kerryon Johnson’s shoulder injury hampered the offense late, but the 26 points was more than enough. The defense took center stage and dominated Alabama after the opening drive of the second half, and Jarrett Stidham picked apart Nick Saban’s unit on the other side.

We’re getting incredibly close to kickoff! War Eagle!