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BOOM! Roasted! - Week 2

WEEEEEELLLLLL! Week 2 didn’t have the sizzle you were looking for huh? Not enough flashy matchups to wet your whistle?? Well let’s just crack the tomb here on the week 2 results and see what we find of note, and why don’t we start in our own back yard…the SEC.

Kentucky 27
Florida 16

Yeah yeah yeah, Kentucky hadn’t beaten Florida since 1986, but that isn’t like it’s a huge deal. I mean, so what if an entire generation of fans (myself included) had never known what this new world feels like. However, lets look at exactly what this means. This means that Georgia is pretty much running the show in the East after….well we will get to that. But congrats to Kentucky who closed things out in style with an “oh I will run with the incomplete pass…oh it was a fumble….na it wasn’t a fumble….OR WAS IT!?!?” touchdown to finish the game.

Colorado State 34
Arkansas 27

Ok….ok woh. Going into the 4th quarter leading the Mike Bobo led (yes…THAT Mike Bobo) 27-17, only to give up the next 17 points in the 4th, the death nail hitting with 8 seconds to go on an Izzy Matthews TD Run from 1 yard out to give the Rams a huge HOME win…yes, this game was in Fort Collins after Michigan backed out on the Hogs for a date with Notre Dame (how’d that work out for ya?)

I think this young man from Hogville summed things up the exact way I would after….whatever that was.

Alright, now its time for that Georgia-South Carolina game….This should be a good one, Jake Bentley is really underrated and that Stadium will be rocking!

Oh well, has El Assico kicked yet?

Before we go to Iowa City to check in on one of my favorite games of the year, we must go to West Lafayette….

Eastern Michigan 20
Purdidn’t 19

This lady’s face is exactly how I feel about this one….I watched the 4th quarter….trust me. IT WAS THIS

Iowa 13
Iowa State 3

First, for those of you that don’t know, this game is called El Assico, and here is the reason why

I might be copying peoples work here, totally am, but Jason Kirk and Christian D’Andrea did such a bang up job of hitting this one out of the park, it would be foolish of me to even try to match it.

Florida State 36
Samford 26

I watched as much of this as I could….

I did everything I could. I lit candles, I prayed, if I had a Harry Potter wand I would have used that too. But it wasn’t enough as the Bulldogs gave up 15 4th quarter points and a total of 5 turnovers to FINALLY give the Noles the game. Click here for the final stats if you dare. Note that Samford gained 500+ yards of total offense! (around 75 yards more than FSU did). To continue that note, Samford only had 50 yards rushing….

This brings up my question. FSU, Florida and Miami have all been embarrassed in the first 2 weeks of the season. So the big 3 in Florida are now who? UCF, USF and…..FAMU? Debate below and make me laugh!