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The Unofficial Official College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - v2.3

So, about those Florida picks...

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Oh. Oh, no. What did you do? You picked Florida? That, uh.... didn’t turn out so well. In a survivor pool that started with 36, we are now down to just 9 after only two weeks of the season, and we haven’t even really gotten into conference play! For the twenty-one of you poor souls who picked Florida last weekend, and of course Crow, who picked South Carolina, you are all out of the survivor pool. The good news is, at this rate, we might get to place twice this season!

For records sake, here is a list of the 9 people remaining in the survivor pool. If you disagree (meaning you didn’t pick Florida), let me know and we can get it sorted out.

  1. AU_Blue
  2. AubieNova
  3. copper4eva
  4. Foy Onion
  5. PalmettoTiger
  6. Patrick Vincent Newton
  7. Ryan Sterritt
  8. schlanky
  9. wwm0006

Alright y’all, here’s this week’s games. Pickable teams in italics. All times eastern.

Saturday, September 15th

Vanderbilt (2-0) at #8 Notre Dame (2-0) - 2:30

#12 LSU (2-0) at #7 Auburn (2-0) - 3:30

#1 Alabama (2-0) at Ole Miss (2-0) - 7:00

Missouri (2-0) vs Purdue (0-2) - 7:30

Pick wisely.