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Opponent Q&A, Pt II - Auburn vs LSU

Things get a little less serious as our friends from the Bayou sit down with us once more.

Southeastern Louisiana v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Many thanks to Billy Gomila from And The Valley Shook as he stops by for part two of our discussion to help you better understand the LSU Tigers (an impossible task) before Saturday’s game on the Plains!

Which SEC school has the worst food at their tailgates?

Whichever didn’t cook it themselves and had it catered. So probably most of y’all, to be honest.

Ed Orgeron was hilarious as a side character in The Waterboy. What made decide to quit acting and pursue coaching?

Lane Kiffin was clearly funnier to be around than Adam Sandler circa 2010 or so.

What is the name of the swamp craft Coach O is sponsoring since Hummers are starting to die out as a mode of transportation?

P-boy’s Pirogues will get you out to the duck blind in comfort AND style!

Power rank the ingredients to make a good gumbo.

It all starts with a good roux. If you can’t get that right, give it up now. After that, you need a good smoked sausage -- andouille is preferable, but unless you can get some good, chunky style (fine grind is NOT boudin), any good smoked sausage will work. Really makes the flavor. After that, probably the trinity and then the chicken (use thighs and pan-fry them first before you cut them up, trust me) If you like seafood, that’s all good but I try to keep sausage out of it so as to not cover the flavor of the seafood with smoke flavor.

What flavor of daquiri, purchased at a drive through window, best complements the LSU offense?

When it comes to daiquiri, I keep it old school with rum, lime juice and simple syrup. Much like the LSU offense, just use the basics and let the ingredients shine.

Where the hell is our thank you note for giving you a reason to fire Curley Hallman?

After 12 wins in the three years BEFORE the interception game, that was just icing on the cake. But everybody loves icing, right? Sadly, nobody loves Curley. Auburn...well that’s debatable.


We hope this lightens up your Thursday afternoon a little bit and prepares you for what’s going to happen this weekend. Weirdness. That’s what’s going to happen. War Eagle!