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Staff Predictions - College Football Week 3

Rest of the country, time to represent.

USC v Stanford
That’s former Auburn quarterback Clay Helton right there.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Well, we didn’t do as well in Week Two as we did picking Week One. Only a couple of us thought that Georgia would run away with the game against South Carolina, nobody thought A&M would have a chance to beat Clemson late, and we all overestimated the offensive power of the PAC-12, even if we did pick the winners correctly.

Time to bounce back.


“If Auburn/LSU has too much defense for you, flip over to this game for some points. The Murder Smurfs have one of those teams that can hang 60 on anyone, and when you’re playing the Pokes, you might have to. Give me Boise picking up a huge road win and forcing everyone (except for the people that matter) screaming for Boise to be a playoff team. 51-45 Broncos.” - Ryan Sterritt

“This is the toughest game we’ve had to pick for me and could very sneakily be a top game of the weekend if it weren’t for LSU-Auburn and Ohio St-TCU. Okie State has hung 50+ on both tomato cans (sorry South Ala) it has faced this season and gets the Broncos at home. Boise on the other hand has smacked 55+ on Troy and UConn this season. I will go out on a limb and say the Blue Turf boy win an offensive shootout on the road. Boise 54, Oklahoma State 49.” - Drew McCracken

“This will be a fun one in Stillwater and is now a Top 25 matchup. I can honestly say I haven’t watched much of these teams this year but I do know Boise came down to Troy 2 weeks ago and beat them soundly. This is a big game for the Broncos as they look to be the top team this year amongst the Group of 5 schools. I feel like there will be plenty of offense in this one and Boise won’t be afraid of playing in Stillwater. Give me the Broncos. Boise State 45-38.” - Will McLaughlin

“I think OKState wins this game only because it is the home team. This one might break the scoreboard, though, which isn’t a problem when you’ve got T Boone money flowing like the Cowboys do. Pokes 52, Broncos 45.” - Son of Crow

“I’m ticked this game is on at same time as ours. Boise State looks to be the Boise of old while Oklahoma State is once again a powerful offense. I’m honestly having a hard time picking this one. My in laws are Cowpokes so I feel sort of obligated to pick them. However, having been witness to the Poke Choke in recent seasons paired with Boise State thriving in these type of games, I think I’m gonna have to go Broncos. Sorry in-laws! Broncos 38, Cowpokes 31.” - AU Nerd

Really wish I could watch this one. I might tell youtubetv to record it so that I have something to watch next week. The Broncos have been very profitable for me, or at least they would be if gambling were legal in Alabama......... I’ll take them in a shootout. Hopefully we give the country a reason to tune into this one by our 3rd quarter. Boise State 38 - Oklahoma State - 35.” - James Jones

“Look, anytime you handle Troy at the old Movie Gallery Stadium, you’re for real. Boise did just that. I’m not sold on the Big 12 as a conference outside of Oklahoma, so this one’s going the way of the Smurf Turf. Broncos reverse millennia of being ridden by Cowboys, and now the Cowboys get to be saddled. Boise 45, Oklahoma State 38.” - Jack Condon

#4 OHIO STATE vs #16 TCU - 7:00 PM (ABC)

“Usually I would pull for TCU here. But as Corso would say, NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. I’m actually pulling for Ohio State here (which is good, because they’re going to stomp TCU) because Urban still isn’t coaching this game. My perfect scenario is that the team looks amazing before Urban gets back, and then next week against (checks schedule... Tulane? ugh) I hope they crap the bed, prompting the dumber and louder corners of the internet to claim Urban is the problem. Which, yeah, he is, but I’m talking about on-the-field. 38-17 Ohio State.” - Ryan Sterritt

“This one I have no true clue about. I am pretty sure Ohio State gets the win. Way too much talent on both sides of the ball and I think Day has done an excellent job in a very awkward spot and has lined himself up nicely for a head job after this season (looking at you USC or Texas (probably not Texas as they are a little gunshy on tOSU guys right now)). As for TCU, the defense just hasn’t really been the same since 2015 (must be the Big XII water). I think that will show this weekend as the Buckeyes improve to 3-0. tOSU 31, TCU 17.” - Drew McCracken

“According to the Worldwide Leader, this was the best game of the week as they elected to air College Gameday on a campus that’s not even hosting the game (the game’s being played at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium) instead of here in Auburn. The Buckeyes offense is clicking on all cylinders in their first 2 games but they’re actually playing a decent team this week (sorry Oregon State and Rutgers). TCU started really slow in the rain against SMU last Friday night but went on to beat the Mustangs 42-12. While this would be a great win for TCU, I trust the Ohio State offense more than TCU’s and that will be the difference in this one. Ohio State 37, TCU 24.” - Will McLaughlin

“Ohio State looks really good and TCU played with its food too much against SMU to make me comfortable with the Frogs. Ohio State will win, but if they don’t I’m not intentionally lying to you. OSU 35, TCU 29.” - Son of Crow

“Would love nothing more than for the Horned Frogs to pull this off but I don’t trust this young QB enough for TCU. Ohio State just has too much talent. Buckeyes win ugly 35-20.” - AU Nerd

“The other other game of the week. If there’s any game where Urban Meyer’s suspension could play a role, this is the one. I don’t see it mattering enough. The talent gap is staggering. I think this is OSU’s first test, but they pass it. OSU 34 - TCU 24.” - James Jones

“I think Ohio State’s got one of those schedules where there are more than a few roadblocks, but I just don’t know if there’s still anyone in the Big Ten that can keep up with them. As for my pick here, look to my pick for the Boise game. I don’t trust the Big 12, and I’m going Buckeyes big here. Ohio State 42, TCU 20.” - Jack Condon

#17 USC @ TEXAS - 7:00 PM (FOX)

“Texas got beat by Maryland and almost lost to Tulsa. USC screwed around against UNLV and then got smothered by Stanford. Jack, do I have to pick this one? Give me Texas 21-17 I guess.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Talk about a game that should have FRAGILE FANBASES written on it. USC fans like a coach with a bit of a bravado, a little edge to him. And Clay Helton that is not. After last week’s egg against a solid Stanford team, this fanbase is bracing for the next wave to hit them. Speaking of hitting them, Texas is coming off of a 7-point “win?” vs Tulsa and this fanbase is on the brink of losing it. Herman and the Burnt Orange Band dropped one to Maryland and with the Aggies looking like Jimbo has them pointed to calmer waters, this is a tipping point game. Enjoy the message boards after this one. I know I will. USC 17, Texas 16.” - Drew McCracken

“Texas is Back!!! (Lose Week 1 to Maryland, again) Just kidding.

USC is Back!!! (Lose Week 2 to Stanford) Just kidding.

In the Who’s Really Back Bowl, both teams are desperate for wins this week. USC’s offense was awful on the Farm last Saturday evening managing just 3 points. If his team loses to Texas, it gives USC more of a reason to look for a new coach after this year as is being rumored. Texas hasn’t set the world on fire on offense either in their first two games but at least they aren’t playing Maryland in this one. This was actually a good game last year in Los Angeles but I think the Horns get a big win for Tom Herman, however I don’t think this will be a pretty game to watch. Texas 20, USC 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“Texas is not a good team, but I think the Horns get it together this week. I think SC is trending downward and Texas takes advantage of the Trojans defense. Hook Em 28, Fight On 14.” - Son of Crow

“10 years ago this would have been must watch TV. Now, I probably will only take a peek at the box score. Texas has looked awful first two weeks tho Trojans haven’t been all that better. I think the Big-12 is better overall than the PAC-12 so I will go Longhorns at home. This will be an ugly game. Texas 24, USC 14.” - AU Nerd

“Take both rosters and put them on Iowa State and Cal and no one would watch this game except the die hard CFB junkies like myself. Neither of these teams has an offense I can really get behind either. I’ll take the Horns at home to win if you make me, but I’d probably take the points and USC against the number. Texas 23 - USC 21.” - James Jones

“The loser of this game certainly has some explaining to do to their fanbase. Either one of these programs sitting at 1-2 will be unacceptable, and I think that would spell the end of Clay Helton. Tom Herman’s got more leeway since he’s not as far into his tenure, but in the end home field advantage will work for Texas. USC doesn’t have Sam Darnold anymore, so I’m going with the Horns. Last year was fun, this one will be in the rain. Texas 20, USC 17.” - Jack Condon


“I *want* this to be that game where Saban loses his shit after Ole Miss’s third passing touchdown in the first half, and where Saban is forced to just air it out all day. I don’t think this is it, though. I think Bama is just going to gash Ole Miss on the ground because they can (SIU just ran for 5.4 ypc) and even if Ole Miss makes a few plays on offense, they’ll make a few big turnovers, too. Oh, and Bama misses a field goal. Alabama 38-21.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I might....might just watch a bit of this one. Ole Miss has no shot. No shot. Don’t come to me with this hot gar-bage. Teams that give up 40+ to Southern Illinois don’t turn around and shut down Alabama. Not this Alabama offense. Ole Miss will put up points but not enough to hang with the Tide. Alabama 59, Ole Miss 38.” - Drew McCracken

“I’ve seen several people go on record saying that Ole Miss is going to beat Alabama this week. However, after giving up 41 points to Southern Illinois, that doesn’t exactly sound like a team that can beat Alabama, much less keep it close. Ole Miss’s offense is going to score a lot of points this year but Alabama’s defense is a whole new animal for them and I just don’t think this game will be close. Bama 53, Ole Miss 14.” - Will McLaughlin

“Ole Miss can score, but I am not going to disrespect the Tide. Is this the greatest team in the history of global sport? Maybe! Tahd 99, Sharks 60.” - Son of Crow

“Ole Miss’s offense looks even better this season. They have the best WR corps in the country & a QB that can sling it. Heck, they even have a competent rushing attack! But.... They still don’t have that thing you call a defense. On the other side, Bama has an elite defense and now an elite offense. Rebels will land some blows against this young Bama secondary, especially early but in the end the Tide’s talent wins out. Bammers 48 (miss 2 FGs & an XP), Ole Miss 28.” - AU Nerd

“If there’s any team that can test Alabama’s young secondary, Ole Miss is the one. The problem is that I see zero chance of Ole Miss ever stopping Alabama on their own. It will frustrate Saban and the old Bama fans, but this is what they are this year. Alabama 59 - Ole Miss 31.” - James Jones

“Ole Miss will score more than the three points they found last year, and they’re actually playing exciting (if unorganized) football in Oxford. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an early bomb for a touchdown that puts the Rebels up, but there’s no defense at all on that team. They’ll score a couple late touchdowns as well, but you’ll want to take the over on this bet. Alabama 59, Ole Miss 24 in a 4.5 hour game.” - Jack Condon


“Kansas hasn’t won consecutive FBS games since 2009. Even Rutgers isn’t that bad. 27-13 Rutgers.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Good Lord man, what are you trying to do to us... Rutgers with the win... for no good reason. Rutgers 38, Kansas 17.” - Drew McCracken

“Pillow Fight!!!!!! This game is between 2 of the worst Power 5 schools in the country. Kansas snapped a 46 game road losing streak last week against Central Michigan. This after the Jayhawks lost to FCS Nicholls in Week 1. Rutgers got beat badly by Ohio State last week but beat Texas State in their opener. I’ll go with Rutgers here because... why not? Rutgers 24, Kansas 20.” -Will McLaughlin

“No one will watch less of this game than I. You can’t make me, Ryan! There’s no way this is actually a real matchup someone scheduled and then someone else decided to broadcast. So, I’m not giving it the respect of using numbers in my score. Kansas Yellow, Rutgers Pizza.” - Son of Crow

The game of the week IMO. Two programs battling to show who in fact is the worst in the land. The Jayhawks are riding high after a big road win over Central Michigan (lol) while Rutgers well.... They are Rutgers. But I’m gonna say Kansas can’t win two road games on the road back to back. In a glorious display of football talent Scarlet Knights win 27-20.” - AU Nerd

“Kansas is favored against an FBS opponent. Seriously. Kansas. The same Kansas that lost to Nicholls. And you know what? They should be. Kansas 19, Rutgers 7.” - James Jones

“Kansas broke that losing streak on the road last week against a team that beat them by 18 last year at home. It’s true proof that last season doesn’t matter, and I think the momentum (not letdown, mind you) carries the Jayhawks to a win in Lawrence against Rutgers. Kansas 26, Rutgers 20.” - Jack Condon


Take these picks and go forth with the knowledge for a successful Saturday. War Eagle!