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Snap Judgments: Auburn 21, LSU 22

BREAKING: Auburn LSU game comes down to final play and gives both fan bases stress-induced heart attacks. Let’s discuss the most recent addition to this dumb game.

LSU v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Son of Crow

“We played good enough to lose that game and we did. That’s my snap judgement. Is there one unit besides Deshaun Davis that can say “oh yeah we had a great game?” I don’t think so.”


“There were two things AU couldn’t do or they would lose. Turn the ball over and give up a cheap touchdown. They did both and now Gus is 0-2 vs Ed O & the 49 million dollar man jokes are gonna come fast all week. The good news is AU has plenty of chances ate redemption but dadgummit I’m sick of losing to LSU.”

Jack Condon

“I never had a good feeling about this, and after we went up 21-10 it’s almost as if karma saw my mirth and merry-making and happiness and said ‘you shall not be pleased with the outcome.’ It feels terrible to lose this way, especially on a walk-off play at home to a collection of coaches that have been rejected at so many programs in the past. The officiating was terribly uneven, and you hate to see that outright affect the game. We were down, came back, and blew another double digit lead to that bunch. I don’t think LSU is a better team than we are, but I hope they make me eat those words. I hope they tear through the SEC West. As for Auburn, once again we put up 21 points against a top ten defense. This time it wasn’t enough. And remember last year that this was the loss that galvanized the team and gave us the momentum to finish the regular season like we did. I hope we don’t get discouraged and go the other way this season. Many people were projecting Playoff for us...

...that’s still on the table. Pressure’s off. Give us the good Gus. Start with Arkansas and mess up the Hogs next week.”

And start Nick Brahms yesterday.”

Will McLaughlin

“I will never be confident before a game again. I will never be confident before a game again. I will never be confident before a game again. I will never be confident before a game again. I will never be confident before a game again. I will never be confident before a game again. Auburn had their chances to put the game away and didn’t. Don’t leave the game in the hands of the refs and we’re not having this conversation.”

Drew McCracken

“My snap judgment: fans can blame the refs for the phantom calls and that may be valid here and there but We scored 3 tds and only had to not give up cheap TDs and commit turnovers...”

Ryan Sterritt

“Alright guys. I’m supposed to give a HOT TAEK spicy snap judgment, but I’ll admit I went home and showered off that one. I can sit here and rant on a bunch of stuff; the refs, the OL, the lack of pass rush, the coaches, yadda yadda yadda. But most of you have Twitter and can go read the timeline (not mine personally, but a lot of Auburn Twitter). There were a lot of good things in this game. There were a lot of bad things, too. I’ll keep my list short:

  1. The offensive line needs to figure itself out, particularly in run blocking. All eyes are on Kaleb Kim, but Horton has struggled as well. At this point I would expect Nick Brahms to start next week. And Calvin Ashley may not be too far behind him.
  2. Yes, the PI’s and non-PI’s in the 4th quarter were ugly. The refs had a pretty bad game, including assigning multiple penalties to the wrong players (not that it really matters, but it’s still aggravating).
  3. Deshaun Davis had a hell of a game. He was all over the field, and it hurts that he didn’t get a hand on that long TD pass. Ugh...
  4. This team is loaded with freshman talent on offense. Shivers, Scwartz, Seth Williams, Asa, and Boobee (techinally a redshirt freshman) were all huge contributors. I can’t wait to watch them develop.”

This one will sting. I can’t help with that. Let’s go maul Arkansas next week and get this season back on track. War Eagle, y’all.