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Boom! Roasted! - Week 3

First and foremost, I would be avoiding the elephant in the room if I didn’t mention Auburn to start this off. Sure, the refs calls were bad and some phantom, however, if you stop LSU on 4th and 7, or kick a FG, or don’t disappear on a 70+ yard TD pass, ect., the game isn’t put in the hands of the refs to make a call. Take care of your business and its taken care of. However, that game is over now and the Tigers look ahead for a Saturday night meeting with the Arkansas Razorbacks…so, you may be asking, how is their season going so far? Well the Piggies hosted an improving North Texas team this weekend in Fayetteville. Let’s take a look at how that went…

The Fighting Mean (Joe) Green won a 44-17 decision against the Hawgs to improve to 3-0 on the year while this little Piggy drops to 1-2 (the win is Eastern Illinois and the losses are Colorado St and this North Texas team) and oh lookie, they get a PO’ed Auburn team under the lights…


Time for our weekly check in on our friends to the south as they took a trip above the Mason-Dixon to take on Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. Carrier, of course, is the air conditioning company that is nation wide and is well respected in the community…but hey even they have a bad day now and then.

Ugh… I thought it was suppose to be cool up north….Oh well, how did the game itself go you ask?

Ouch…now that is a rough way to go, but hey, the Noles get Northern Illinois next week at the Doak and that has to go well right….rig…..right????

Trojan Horses

Scott Frost had an excellent playing career at Nebraska. While he was under center, the Huskers only lost two games. Well, after two games in the shoes once owned by Dr. Tom Osborne, Scott Frost has lost two games. This time to the MEN OF TROY!

Shout out to my good buddy Barry McKnight on the huge win on a bounce back after the loss to Boise State. Nebraska was playing with a walk-on QB from Thompson Station, TN but hey, it’s Troy beating Nebraska…and that isn’t suppose to happen. Nebraska paid Troy 1.15 million to come to Lincoln to beat them. Couple that with what LSU paid Troy to beat them last year and Neal Brown and the boys have made $2.135 Million in 2 year and have gone 2-0 in those games…YOU DON’T WANT THE NOISE THAT TROY ALABAMA BRINGS!!!

Until next week....someone wake up Shay....