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BOOM! Roasted - Week 4

Week 4 was….well it was. Not a whole lot happened really. But things did happen other than Auburn dominating Arkansas in everything except for offense, so let’s get to it!


So I had a buddy of mine send me this because it squeaked through my filter as well, BUT NOT ON MY WATCH! We are going to make sure we span the globe (or country) to find all the laughable moments from the college football landscape!

GOOD GREIF!! Nick Saban took the names of those officials down and will have them calling the National Title game this year. Also, he has added this to his RPO playbook. This is terrible


We all remember where we were when App State beat Michigan. I was on the air, studio hosting for a football game in Auburn. And now, you have to remember where you were when the Monarchs of Old Dominion who were for some reason hosting 13th ranked Virginia Tech took down the Hokies 49-35. ODU entered the contest at 0-3 on the year and really had no business being in this game from the first snap. The Monarchs scored every time they touched the ball in the 4th quarter (28 pts) against a normally stout Bud Foster defense. This is a thing that should have never happened in life. And you can tell by Carter Blackburn’s voice in the clip below…

It’s like he knew he was watching a unicorn come to life right in front of his eyes and it was glorious.


I’m not going to say much about this game because….ugh. But I have to share this with you.

Also, mind you, Jeremy Pruitt had to excuse a player from his own sideline because when Pruitt, the Head Football Coach at Tennessee, told a player at the University of Tennessee to, ya know, go into the game, the player said, Nah, I’m good.

That is a thing that happened on Saturday night, according to Pruitt. In the interest of fairness, the player in question came out Sunday and said that he was sent to the locker room after an altercation with someone on the sidelines, so choose who’s story you believe. Either way, it was a rough look for the Vols but at least they get to rebound going on the road to Athens to take on Georgia...ouch.

What did you see Saturday that should have made the list? Comment below and I will sift through the slop for next week!