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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken!

Banner day on the Orange and True Podcast Presented by the fine folks at Champ’s Chicken!

Crow gives you his hottest of Auburn takes, while Ryan Sterritt defends the students’ absence after halftime and AU Chief gives a plea regarding the student section.

In this episode you get:

  1. Auburn - Arkansas Review
  2. Soccer Talk
  3. Student Section TAKES
  4. Champs and Chumps of the Week
  5. Les Mis references

Only an episode of this magnitude could be brought your way by the fine folks at Champ’s Chicken. You’ve only got one more home game before we hit the road to stock up on some fantastically delicious chicken and tailgate sauce for your pregame setup! Not to mention, there’s plenty of other snacks and a wide variety of beverages (bevvies to you kids) to complete any tailgate! Get yourself a Tailgate Box for a group, or a Chick Six Combo for yourself!

Now, on to the show!

War Eagle!