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The Unofficial Official College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - v2.5

Moving on to the end of September

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry I’m late, but there’s only seven of us left, so I’m not too worried. Plus, I think we’ve finally got it set up for a grand prize for the winner. You’ll find out exactly what it is next week!

Let’s get straight to the games, y’all.

September 29th

Arkansas (1-3) at TAMU (2-2) - Noon

Tennessee (2-2) at #2 UGA (4-0) - 3:30

Florida (3-1) at #23 Mississippi State (3-1) - 6:00

South Carolina (3-1) at #17 Kentucky (4-0) - 7:30

Ole Miss (3-1) at #5 LSU (4-0) - 9:15