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Snap Judgments: Auburn 24, Southern Miss 13

Of all the football games played yesterday, that was certainly one of them.

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, here are the facts:

Auburn beat Southern Miss yesterday. That means the Tigers are 4-1!

Auburn didn’t lose to Southern Miss yesterday, which means the Tigers are not 3-2 and in a tailspin.

Auburn did not, however, have a good game on offense, when it was said that we were this close to breaking out and clicking on that side of the ball.

Yes, there was a rain delay that lasted nearly three hours, and that certainly affected things with the crowd all but disappearing, but still. Auburn’s offense has a long way to go. A long way.


“Make Auburn Football Fun Again. Please. And soon. Defense, keep doing your thing. Offense (especially the offensive line): GET IT TOGETHER! Next week is going to be a rock fight in Starkville. Also, Auburn deserves to drop 10 spots in the polls. They are NOT a top ten team right now.” - Will McLaughlin

“Solid performance by the priest during the ceremony. He went off script for a few minutes but he had a nice surprise for the bride and groom during the homily. I wasn’t sure about going on the road for this and taking a southern family up to Detroit for a wedding, but the Sterritt’s responded well. Best play of the night was the groom and his mother dancing to some Earth, Wind & Fire. All in all, a solid performance. I didn’t watch the game.” - Ryan Sterritt

“We have ten defensive linemen better than our best offensive lineman. If we can not block the edges then we can’t pass. if we can’t pass, we run into nine-man fronts. We can’t bloc four-man fronts, so that’s not good. Fix this stuff Grimes! I’ll hang up and listen.

(Also I got to watch my wife and daughter watch the eagle fly for the first time in their lives. They were both confused but it got pretty dusty in that stadium for ole Crow).” - Son of Crow

“This game was dumb. I will not draw conclusions from it. It’s a win. Case closed.” - James Jones

“I pray all games end 3-2 AU from here on out.

*Whispers* Steve Ensminger has a better offense than Malzahn right now.” - AU Nerd

“Man, once again every bad play had a different group screwing something up. On one play it’s the offensive line getting beat, then it’s Stidham getting happy feet and rolling toward a guy to create pressure on himself, then it’s receivers not getting open, then it’s Stidham missing a throw, then it’s a guy dropping a catch, then it’s a three-hour rain delay, then it’s an official stopping a play for a needless review when DARIUS SLAYTON CLEARLY MADE THE CATCH, then it’s nobody in the stadium, then three offensive linemen go out with injuries, then it’s finally over thank God we won. There are a ton of issues to work out, but I honestly don’t know if they’ll hurt us next week against MSU. They’re really bad right now and our defense could very well hold them under 200 yards. This game was weird because of the delay, but it once again seemed like Gus didn’t even prepare anything for Southern Miss because we played so poorly. Stidham actually didn’t play terribly (19-33, 245 yards, 2 TDs, 0 turnovers), but because we couldn’t string together more than one good play at a time, it results in us sweating against Southern Miss late. I’m not a football coach, so I don’t know how we can fix this (or if we can fix this), but I’m not real confident right now.

Then again, I watched Louisville and Penn State call WTF plays in clutch situations yesterday and blow games, which we didn’t do. Progress? Defense, take your orange slices, and the offense’s orange slices too. You’ve earned it every week.” - Jack Condon

Now for some blind items from the group chat yesterday:

“Mic Man actually on beat with Bodda Getta. That’s an upset.”

“We need to not get so many turnovers today so that our offense can get some work.”

“Can we just put in five new offensive linemen?”

“Stidham stinks and I don’t know why.”

“Oh man. The rednecks around me seemed convinced this whole officiating crew graduated from Alabama. Also, if we quit with the RPO’s and only ran under center and timing routes, we’d have a perfect offensive line.”

“The MSU offense makes ours look like Texas Tech.”

“Thing is, it’s just small things. Like if Williams makes the catch on the first play of the game. It’s tiny missed assignments and bad blocks and Jarrett doing the wrong thing that are all adding up. All of that is still fixable.”

“I’m concerned the OL is not fixable with current personnel.”

“One of these days we might try to be good at both sides of the ball at the same time and it’s gonna be real fun.”

“Holy cow, what a simple couple plays. Play-action Tommy Tuberville era football for a deep throw and a touchdown to a dang fullback.”

“We may not cover.”

“Southern Miss has as many sacks against us as they had against Rice, Jackson State, and ULM combined.”

“Seems to me that Southern Miss is the best G5 team in the country.”

“More like RP-No.”

And finally, let’s go to the hottest take from one of the SEC Network crew.

On to Mississippi State. Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreagle Hey!