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What’s That Feeling?

You know football’s arriving on campus.

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Ellie Falconer as a contributor to the site this fall! Check out her first foray into our blogosphere as she dives into the changing feelings on campus as everyone’s favorite time of year approaches! Enjoy!


As the big white tailgating tents rise on campus surrounding Jordan-Hare Stadium the attitudes and school spirit of Auburn students elevate as well with excitement.

The assembly of the numerous white tents half way through the week symbolizes and marks the start of beloved home games on the plains. They serve as a reminder to students that Jordan-Hare Stadium will soon be filled with orange and blue after several long months of silence and anticipation.

“I know the first game day is around the corner when the white tents start going up on campus,” Auburn senior Meredith Brito says.

Football season in Auburn grows in sentiment as students get older. Each season proves to be more special than the last, regardless of the outcome- but winning is always a favorable bonus. The Auburn fan base is unique in this way.

Jordan-Hare Stadium is an impenetrable fortress armed with unyielding noise and ever-lasting spirit. Once this is experienced, any other game setting doesn’t come close to comparing. This is why the anticipation for Auburn home games is so strong among Auburn fans.

When it’s Wednesday before a home game, Auburn students are surged with energy from observing the game day preparation while walking to class and begin to shift their conversations with peers from school or the last football game to the upcoming one.

The campus preparation flips a switch in students creating a buzz among the population. The aching anticipation of home games is finally coming to fruition. This causes eagerness to fill within every Auburn student until Saturday at kickoff when the excitement erupts throughout the stadium in loud cheers and rapidly moving orange and blue shakers.

“There is something different in the air,” Auburn senior Hayden Crigler says. “Everyone is excited and there is a lot more orange and blue everywhere in town than normal. People begin roping off their own stake of land for their tailgate.”

He says that he notices every student is in a better mood on campus, even if they aren’t huge football fans. “Everyone loves football season at Auburn because of the general excitement and deep-rooted traditions,” Crigler says.

The Auburn family is steadfast, but is highlighted especially when the first home game nears. ‘War eagle’ is shouted more frequently and proudly, students approach football players on campus to wish them luck and some professors briefly play football highlights.

Auburn professor and Jordan Hare Stadium announcer Ric Smith says it seems most conversations on campus involve speculating about football one way or another because everyone is excited for the new season.

“It’s part of the fun- but the reality is no one knows what’s coming,” Smith says. “No one could have predicted 2010 or 2013. Just think how cool it was to take on number one Georgia and Alabama last season.”

Game day on the plains is unlike any other sporting experience. The campus community senses the contagious Auburn spirit rise as the plentiful white tents neighboring Jordan-Hare ascend.