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Game Preview and Saturday Open Thread - Alabama State at Auburn

You can still get hype for Alabama State, it’s the home opener!

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game-Auburn at Washington Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Auburn passed it’s first test of the season in defeating Washington. Today, your Tigers return to the Plains to open up the 2018 home slate with SWAC-opponent Alabama State.

This will be the first ever matchup for Auburn against the Hornets. Alabama State, like Auburn, is 1-0 on the season, after a narrow overtime win against Tuskegee last weekend. I could spend some time previewing this game, but I’ll keep it short: Auburn is projected to win this game 80-0.

Today could be a good chance to see Auburn’s highly touted 2018 signing class in action. Several true freshmen saw the field last week, but this could be a big chance for guys like Shaun Shivers, Seth Williams, Smoke Monday, and Anthony Schwartz to play a whole half of football.

This game should also serve as a first peek at the 2019 QB battle. Ideally, Malik Willis should get a drive or two with the ones in this game, and if the score is as projected, we will almost definitely see Cord Sandberg in this game, assuming he has learned enough of the offense to see the field. Unfortunately, with Joey Gatewood’s injury, he won’t be playing in this one.

Auburn needs to take advantage of this game by getting playing time to as many players as possible. A bad start by the offense (if they were to stall out on the first few drives, maybe take a one possession lead into the half), it doesn’t necessarily hurt them, but it does take reps away from guys lower on the depth chart. If Nick Brahms is available to play in this game, expect the coaches to be taking note of him at center. With Kim’s struggles at center against Washington, there may be a position battle next week for the start against LSU.

This is a night game, everyone. There’s no excuse to be sleepy or show up late like it’s an 11:00 AM kick. Be loud at kickoff, and keep showing the world what the best home environment in college football looks like. Consider it a scrimmage for LSU next week, if you will.


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