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AP/Coaches Poll Alert: Not Much Change

But it sets up a huge game on the Plains next weekend!

NCAA Football: Alabama State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Both of the new polls have been released after Week Two’s completion, and there’s not a whole lot of difference at the top.

The top ten stayed the same in the Coaches’ Poll, with Auburn holding strong at #7, right behind Wisconsin. It’s the same story in the AP Poll, except that the Tigers are only three points behind the Badgers in that set of rankings. With a good victory over LSU on Saturday, Auburn could likely jump Wisconsin and climb into the top six.

Other SEC teams in the poll include:

Alabama (1 AP, 1 Coaches)

Georgia (3 AP, 3 Coaches)

LSU (12 AP, 13 Coaches)

Mississippi State (16 AP, 16 Coaches)

Auburn gets to play them all! Oh, joy!

Either way it sets up the #7 vs #12 matchup this weekend with Auburn and LSU, which is one of only three games pitting ranked teams against each other along with #17 Boise State @ #24 Oklahoma State and #4 Ohio State @ #15 TCU in Arlington.