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Reviewing Auburn’s Remaining 2019 Targets

14 days until the 2019 recruiting cycle comes to an end so let’s take a look at who Auburn is chasing and where they might stand with each remaining target.

Mark-Antony Richards’s Twitter:

There have been so many names discussed or mentioned in the past few weeks that it’s probably easy to get lost in the recruiting madness. So with National Signing Day only 2 weeks away, I figured it might be helpful to put all the targets known to currently be left on the board in one place and evaluate where things stand with each of them. I plan to do the same next week which will hopefully allow for a little more certainty on what to expect February 6th.

For the record, I am not an insider. I don’t have super well connected sources feeding me super secret info like Gus is gonna voluntarily accept a reduced buyout or Bob Stoops will be at Auburn next year. What I do possess is the unfortunate habit of spending too much free time reading/writing about recruiting and feel qualified enough to take some educated guesses on where things stand in these recruitments. I’ve put a confidence percentage by my picks because that’s apparently a thing you are supposed to do in this business. The higher the number the more confident I am on the prediction, so feel free to roast me when I miss wildly with my 85% confidence prediction.

Let’s do this.

5* WR George Pickens | 6’4” | 190 lbs | Hoover, AL | Auburn Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

I included Pickens because while he is committed to Auburn, he’s still taking plenty of visits and generating plenty of buzz nationally. He recently changed his Twitter background picture to him in an UGA uniform if you are into keeping track of that sort of thing. You will undoubtedly hear all the way up to his signing that he is a flip risk. What do I think? Well until Pickens proves to be a liar, I’ll trust he’s all AU. People forget he was Auburn’s first commitment in the 2019 class. I think his relationships with Gus and Nix prove too much for anyone else.

Prediction: Auburn (90%)

4* DL Charles Moore | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Louisville, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida

I was probably 90% confident a few weeks ago but that Florida official visit has me sweating. He committed to Mullen when he was still at Mississippi State so there is a long established relationship there. There have been some rumors he almost pulled the trigger for the Gators while on that OV. But Auburn has done an outstanding job of not only recruiting him but his family. I think that relationship with Jaren Handy will prove to be huge in this recruitment and I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up back on campus for an unofficial visit before signing day. Gimme the Tigers with a slight edge over the Gators at this point in time.

Prediction: Auburn (55%)

4* RB Mark-Antony Richards | 6’1” | 195 lbs | West Palm Beach, FL

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Miami

A week ago this was another Auburn/Florida battle that I felt good about the Tigers winning. Now it’s a four team battle that now includes UGA who has annoying success swooping in and taking Auburn’s top targets under Kirby and Miami where his older brother played. My hunch is Auburn is still the team to beat here but the Dawgs have become a legit threat and the Canes under Diaz have made him a priority again. This will be a nail biter to the finish.

Prediction: Auburn (60%)

4* CB Maurice Hampton | 6’0” | 205 lbs | Memphis, TN | LSU Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss

While it would be awesome to flip not only an elite football prospect but an elite baseball prospect as well, I just don’t see it happening. Honestly, I think the MLB is the real threat in this race and probably the “team” that wins. With that said, I feel pretty confident Hampton sticks with the Bayou Bengals before signing with an MLB team in July.

Prediction: LSU (80%)

4* DL Quashon Fuller | 6’4” | 270 lbs | Lehigh Acres, FL | Florida State Commit

Top Teams: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Louisville

If I’m honest, I think if the Tide want him they will get him. I’m just not sure they will have the space. Maybe if Khris Bogle flips it happens but for now I think the Seminoles hang onto the talented DL. The Tigers are a threat but probably have better odds elsewhere and that’s where they focus in the final days.

Prediction: Florida State (10%)

4* ATH John Rhys Plumlee | 6’1” | 185 lbs | Hattiesburg, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

Plumlee is an intriguing target because despite Auburn wanting him at QB, he’s got the skillset to slide to WR or S if that doesn’t work out. But I have a hard time seeing him join the same class as Bo Nix who will be in for the spring while he won’t be on campus until the summer. Unless he’s drawn by the idea of playing baseball over football and decides to play for Butch, I think the Rebels win this one. Why? Because Rich Rod is gonna sell him on being a perfect fit for that offense.

Prediction: Ole Miss (5%)

4* RB Jamious Griffin | 5’10” | 205 lbs | Rome, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Georgia Tech, NC State

I’m a huge Griffin fan. If you pay any attention to high school football in the state of Georgia you probably know his name and have watched him wreck defenses while running for 2 state championships for the Rome Wolves. He’s a great fit for Auburn’s system but sadly, I think he’s gonna be one of the early big wins for the new Geoff Collins regime in Atlanta. The Yellow Jackets are looking to join the modern era of offensive football and Griffin is a solid bellcow to build around.

Prediction: Georgia Tech (55%)

3* DB Jammie Robinson | 5’11” | 200 lbs | Leesburg, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee

This one’s tough because I do think Robinson is torn at the moment. South Carolina has long been the favorite and he’s close with DB coach Travaris Robinson. But Auburn and Tennessee have both turned up the heat and I get the impression he really likes both staffs. However, I have a hard time picking against Champ or T-Rob when they’ve been on a DB for a long time. Wherever he signs, I expect Robinson to have an impact early.

Prediction: South Carolina (5%)

3* DL Jamond Gordon | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Meridian, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss

The former Ole Miss commit turned Auburn commit turned nobody commit appears still to be coveted by the Auburn coaching staff. I know Garner has always been high on his skillset but it appears the young man truly is torn. He’s been committed to both schools and barring a shocking late twist, he will end up hooking back up with one of those programs. The Rebels are probably the team to beat but I think Auburn has made this real interesting after his official visit. We will see if the Rebels close the deal this weekend.

Prediction: Ole Miss (60%)

3* DT LeDarrius Cox | 6’5 | 300 lbs | Mobile, AL | Tennessee Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee

This has been a confusing recruitment despite nothing publicly happening. Everyone has been waiting on him to flip to Auburn for some time that at this point it feels like if it was going to happen then he would have done it already. However, he still decided to take his official visits to Auburn and Ole Miss even after visiting Tennessee two weekends ago. Buzz has picked up again that Auburn could pull this off. But this kid has been saying for months he’s solid and considering he’s still Vol, I think he ends up that way too.

Prediction: Tennessee (40%)

3* OG Kamaar Bell | 6’3” | 320 lbs | Moultrie, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Louisville

Bell is an incredibly important target for the Tigers after missing on 5* Clay Webb and 4* William Putnam. Auburn has long been after Bell though the two sides at times have appeared to grow apart. But that’s not the case right now. After his official visit two weekends ago he named Auburn his top team and that didn’t change after a trip to Louisville. His FSU visit this weekend looms large. However, I think the Tigers survive it and pick up another mauling interior player to pair with 4* Keiondre Jones.

Prediction: Auburn (65%)

3* OT Ira Henry | 6’5” | 320 lbs | St. Louis, MO

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, Florida State

Things have escalated quickly in this recruitment. Henry landed an Auburn offer a short while ago, took his first visit to the Plains this past weekend and now has the Tigers #1 on his list. Auburn’s OT recruiting struggles have been well documented and only signing one OT underclassmen in this 2019 class would be a major failure. That makes Henry arguably the most important target left on the board. My confidence isn’t high though on this pick because he still has an official visit to his dream school in Florida State. I have a feeling there is still some drama to unfold in this recruitment.

Prediction: Auburn (10%)

3* LB Octavius Brothers | 6’2 | 210 lbs | Southwest Brevard County, FL

Top Teams: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Miami

Auburn snagged a commitment from 2* linebacker Kameron Brown yesterday. They are hoping to add one more tot his class in Octavius Brothers. I know it’s cliche, especially when it comes 3* kids that your school wants but this kid is insanely underrated. Just throw on his tape and you can see for yourself. The Tigers want him badly but will have to fend off his childhood favorite Miami Hurricanes in the coming weeks. I think T-WILL gets the job done and Auburn finishes with a solid LB class in 2019.

Prediction: Auburn (85%)

War Eagle!