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Crow to Harper Challenge: Week Three!

I did my part.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

OK so this week didn’t go the way we wanted on the court. Auburn has to figure out a way to play better away from home, that has become abundantly clear. Jared Harper himself has to find a way to play more efficiently on the road than he currently is. I don’t know the answers, and neither do you. Auburn is doing the same things that win it games in Auburn, but isn’t having those results on the road. I kinda comes down to making open shots, which is just basketball you guys. I relate to this on a deeply personal level. Sometimes you do all the things that always seem to work, and they just don’t.

I once was told by a 9th grade football coach, after our team had just been destroyed by like a billion points, “Men, sometimes you just may not can.” That nonsensical expression sticks with me more than any other motivational speech I’ve ever heard. Sometimes, you just may not can. Auburn just has to keep plugging away, fix the mistakes, and try to “can” again. It’ll happen. This team is too talented for it not to happen. Eventually this 40% three point shooting team will continue to shoot 40% from three again. Players usually are their percentages and whatnot.


So this week I wasn’t able to work out on as many days as I would have liked. However, the three times I was able to go, I went for longer. I rode my bike 16 miles towards Loachapoka and back one day, ran for 45 minutes on another and ran a 5k on a third day. I burned a lot of calories doing that and can definitively say that there is a reason cycling is my favorite sport. It freaking rules, you guys. I went out and saw so much of the countryside, got tremendous exercise, and had a blast. At no point did my knees or back or feet hurt. I wasn’t confined to a small area around my house or (shudders) a treadmill*. You guys should all buy bikes and go for a ride on a county road somewhere, it will change your life. It’s like running, but better in every way.

Anyway, the pushups during the game pledge I made didn’t happen. I take full responsibility for Auburn losing, I guess. I will try to not have any out of town guests during games any time soon so that I can do my part.




Ok I think this is a good sign. Basically my eating habits have gotten better and I’ve been able to get some good nights of sleep since Daughter of Son of Crow AKA the sleep terrorist has decided to have mercy on her father. At this rate I’ll be at Jared Harper’s listed weight in 12 weeks. It will be super tough, maybe impossible to lose three pounds or more a week, but I am up to the challenge like I’m Jared Harper killing people with dunks.

*seriously I’d rather just be super fat than have to use a treadmill every day.