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Another Look At Auburn’s Top Remaining 2019 Targets

One week to signing day and the Tigers are hoping to finish strong but will have to win some fierce battles to do so in the coming days.

3* DT LeDarrius Cox
LeDarrius Cox’s Twitter:

Last week, I took a stab at where things might stand for Auburn’s top targets. We are now a week away for National Signing Day and another weekend of official visits are in the book so time to take another look at those predictions and confidence percentages. The picture is starting to become a little more clear but there are still plenty of different scenarios that could play out for the Tigers over these final days of the 2019 cycle.

5* WR George Pickens | 6’4” | 190 lbs | Hoover, AL | Auburn Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Tennessee

I continue to feel good about Auburn hanging onto their top ranked commit. Pickens was in Coral Gables this past weekend and will either visit Tennessee or Florida for his final official visit. There are a lot of suitors but no clear #2 school at the moment. That typically bodes well for the #1 team.

Prediction: Auburn (90%)

4* DL Charles Moore | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Louisville, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, LSU

I dropped my confidence by 5% and added LSU as a team to watch in this recruitment. Moore visited Florida State over the weekend and as he’s prone to due, raved about what he saw. The Bayou Bengals get the last shot at the talented defensive lineman before he makes his final decision. LSU almost flipped Moore from Mississippi State earlier this year when Jaren Handy initially committed to them. I think you have to consider Ed O a serious threat in this race but I still think Auburn’s strong relationships win out.

Prediction: Auburn (50%)

4* RB Mark-Antony Richards | 6’1” | 195 lbs | West Palm Beach, FL

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, Georgia

Maybe it’s what I ate last night but I’m actually feeling better about Auburn’s chances with Richards this morning. He took his final OV to Miami but it appears that was more out of respect for Manny Diaz than the Canes being a top contender. I’ve removed them from the top teams and although Richards claims Penn State is also being considered, I feel confident saying this a three horse race between Auburn, Florida and Georgia. Of those three schools no one has recruited Richards longer or has established stronger relationships than the Tigers. Gus Malzahn will visit the talented back today and will hopefully seal the deal.

Prediction: Auburn (70%)

4* CB Maurice Hampton | 6’0” | 205 lbs | Memphis, TN | LSU Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss

An interesting report came out from earlier this week saying that Hampton planned to take an unofficial visit to the Plains this weekend. That would obviously be huge news for the better looking Tigers. But Hampton’s dad then told 247 that his visits are done and they will focus on making a final decision before next Wednesday. That will obviously be not as huge news for the better looking Tigers. I think it’s still highly likely that Hampton sticks with his longtime pledge but if he does in fact take one more visit to Auburn’s campus then things could get interesting...

Prediction: LSU (80%)

4* DL Quashon Fuller | 6’4” | 270 lbs | Lehigh Acres, FL | Florida State Commit

Top Teams: Alabama, Florida, Florida State

Fuller released his top 3 schools last night and didn’t include Auburn. Barring a strong late push from the Tide, I think he sticks with his pledge to the Noles.

Prediction: Florida State (40%)

4* ATH John Rhys Plumlee | 6’1” | 185 lbs | Hattiesburg, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

I still think it’s highly unlikely Plumlee picks the Tigers though Auburn is still hard after him. Gus Malzahn visited the talented athlete Monday. As of today, I’m not sure which Magnolia State school he picks but I think it will be one of them.

Prediction: Ole Miss (5%)

4* RB Jamious Griffin | 5’10” | 205 lbs | Rome, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, NC State

My confidence in Griffin picking Georgia Tech has steeply declined but not because of some strong, late Auburn push. It’s because a new contender has entered the arena. Florida State now expects to host the physical back out of Georgia this weekend on an official visit. I think there’s a strong chance they give him a lot to think about. For now, I will stick with my Yellow Jackets pick but don’t be surprised if Griffin is a Nole on signing day.

Prediction: Georgia Tech (5%)

3* DB Jammie Robinson | 5’11” | 200 lbs | Leesburg, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee

I’ve gone from 5% to 95% confident in Robinson signing with the Gamecocks. Why? Because after saying he was done with visits Robinson was rumored to be back in Columbia on an unofficial visit this past weekend. Since then, Crystal Ball picks have rolled in for South Carolina. Muschamp and T-Rob made Robinson a priority from day 1 and it looks likely to payoff.

Prediction: South Carolina (95%)

3* OT Wisdom Asaboro | 6’8” | 280 lbs | Matthews, NC

Top Teams: Auburn, North Carolina, Oregon, Penn State, Virginia

A new name has emerged to watch in the coming days. The Tigers are searching high and low for offensive tackle talent and may have found another gem in the Tar Heel State. Asaboro is a two way athlete originally from Nigeria with immense athletic ability but only limited experience playing football. Sound familiar? Well it turns out that according to AuburnUndercover’s Keith Niebuhr, Asaboro is good friends with Prince Tega Wanagho’s brother. Malzahn visited Asaboro this Monday to try and secure an official visit. There’s a chance his recruitment goes past signing day, which would be very good news for the Tigers. If he signs next Wednesday the Tar Heels will more than likely be the pick. If he waits and takes an official visit then you have to like Auburn’s chances. A story to definitely follow over the next week.

Prediction: North Carolina (25%)

3* DL Jamond Gordon | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Meridian, MS

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss

It’s starting to look more and more likely that Gordon doesn’t end up at either Auburn or Ole Miss but instead JUCO. If he does sign next week then I think it’s very probable he’s a Rebel. Will they take him right now? I don’t know...

Prediction: Ole Miss (10%)

3* OG Kamaar Bell | 6’3” | 320 lbs | Moultrie, GA

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Louisville

My big fear was Florida State would swoop in late and steal Bell away from the Tigers. There’s a very good chance that’s exactly what’s going to happen after his official visit to Tallahassee. Bell reportedly was blown away by his visit and left with the Tigers and Noles neck and neck. More concerning is the fact he’s considering returning for an unofficial visit this weekend. If that happens, then he’s gone. Gus Malzahn will attempt to slow FSU’s momentum with an in home visit this week. Can he outsell Taggart on need at offensive line?

Prediction: Auburn (15%)

3* DT LeDarrius Cox | 6’5 | 300 lbs | Mobile, AL | Tennessee Commit

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee

Last week, I had Cox to Tennessee at 40% confidence. Now I’m picking Auburn with decent confidence. What changed? Well if I’m honest, it’s mostly from the fact that 247’s southeastern analyst John Garcia changed his CB on Cox to AU after reportedly speaking with some sources close to that recruitment. This flip has been hinted at for months now and appears might finally happen in the near future.

Prediction: Auburn (60%)

3* OT Ira Henry | 6’5” | 320 lbs | St. Louis, MO

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, Florida State

Like Bell, Henry was on campus in Tallahassee this past weekend and the Noles made a strong impression. However, he didn’t seem to be as lavish with his praise as Bell though FSU is absolutely a threat. I think what might prove the big difference is FSU already has a JUCO OT on board while Auburn only has Osborne. I still think he picks the Tigers but this will be a fight to the finish. Henry plans to take an official visit to Indiana this weekend before making his final decision.

Prediction: Auburn (10%)

3* LB Octavius Brothers | 6’2 | 210 lbs | Southwest Brevard County, FL

Top Teams: Auburn, North Carolina

Brothers never made the trip down to Miami making this effectively a two team race between Auburn and North Carolina. There appears to be an enormous amount of confidence on the Plains that Brothers will pick the good guys next Wednesday.

Prediction: Auburn (95%)

War Eagle!